The Shura Council law and the regulations that govern the upcoming elections have introduced specific standards and conditions for the candidates' campaigns to guarantee the integrity, equal-opportunity and transparency of the overall process, a number of Qataris and experts in the field pointed out.
Speaking to local Arabic daily 'Arrayah', they said that such standards would also guarantee maintaining national unity, and the safety and security of the society, besides safeguarding the voters from any potential misleading and fraudulent practices.
Hassan al-Ahbabi said that the campaign laws guarantee that all candidates would be equal and no one could have an advantage over the other in his or her favour. He pointed out that the rules make it mandatory for the candidates to respect each other and the stipulations of the constitution and right of others to express their opinions. Al-Ahbabi further stressed that abiding by these standards and conditions would certainly produce an excellent election experience for the first elected Shura Council of the country.
Ahmed al-Merakhi said the standards guarantee that candidates would maintain the good outlook of the country throughout their campaigning and avoid any practices that could block the public roads or cause hazards to the road users. He also called on stringent measures to monitor the commitment of the candidates in this regard.
Nayef al-Shahrani said that according to the law, the municipalities concerned have to maintain equality among the different candidates in practicing their rights to place related boards or signs, which will give them equal opportunity. Ali al-Kuwari, suggested that stricter control and inspection campaigns should be launched to monitor the commitment to such standards and address any potential violations.
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