Qatar University (QU) has announced admissions for new students for the Fall 2021 semester in various colleges.
The university said that more than 4,200 new and transferred students have been accepted, of which over 73% are Qatari students.
It said that the applicants can view admissions in their electronic accounts on the university's website. QU stressed that the admissions were made on a competitive basis among applicants, noting that achieving the minimum required percentage in the secondary certificate or submitting the required documents does not necessarily mean an endorsement of admission to the university, and said that acceptance is also dependent on the available colleges and capacity.
The university added that the requirements and conditions for admission to the various colleges and specialisations may change from one semester to another, based on the scientific competence of the applicants and the availability of colleges and the specialisations' capacity.
QU is scheduled to hold the electronic induction programme for new and transferred students from Aug 5 to 12.
The programme aims to facilitate time and effort for new students, and to deliver information in a smooth manner via the electronic platform, where the link will be sent to students via their e-mails.
According to the Department of Admissions at Qatar University, the induction programme for students admitted to the Colleges of Engineering, Education, Shariah and Islamic Studies, and Arts and Sciences will start on Aug 5, while the induction programme for students admitted to the College of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Health Sciences will start from Aug 6. As for transferred students, their induction programme will start on Aug 8.
The administration announced that all accepted students will be contacted via e-mail with the details and links for the induction programme platform.
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