Here's everything you need to know about the Shura Council election system law
July 29 2021 03:56 PM
Shura Council
Shura Council

Main points about the Shura Council election system law 

• The Shura Council election system law, which was approved by His Highness the Amir, is in line with the Qatari Constitution and Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to enhance the participation of citizens in the decision-making process.

• The wise leadership was keen, through the electoral law, for the Shura Council to be a true representative of the will of Qatari citizens. Therefore, the law came to preserve the principle of popular participation in the legislative process and at the same time derived its articles and chapters from the constitution, which was approved by voting by the Qatari people.

* In an effort to enhance popular participation in decision-making, the circle of those who have the right to vote has been expanded to include everyone who has got Qatari citizenship, provided that his grandfather is Qatari and born in the State of Qatar.

• The Shura Council assumes roles and responsibilities that are compatible with the requirements of its existence. The Council assumes the authority of legislation, approves the general budget of the state, and exercises control over the executive authority, in the manner set forth in the Constitution of the State of Qatar, such as:

• Proposing laws, expressing wishes to the government in public matters

• Exercising the oversight role over the executive authority through the government 

• We are confident in the national elections based on the foundations of competence and experience. It stipulated that whoever nominates himself for membership of the Shura Council, should have the following:

• The right to run for candidature should be for holders of Qatari nationality, that is, to be from a family that resided in the State of Qatar before 1930, as stated in the Constitution of the State of Qatar, which was issued in 2004 and was voted on by the Qatari people. (The result of the referendum was approved by 96.6% of the respondents)

• S/He shall not be less than thirty years of age when the nomination is closed.

• Fluent in Arabic, reading and writing.

• To be registered in the electoral district in which he is running.

• S/He should be of good reputation, good conduct, and known for his honesty, integrity and good manners.

• S/He must not have been finally convicted of a crime against honour or trust, unless he has been rehabilitated in accordance with the law.

• The law in the State of Qatar has criminalized foreign funding, especially in the elections of the Shura Council, and has established deterrent penalties in order to ensure the absence of such serious violations that affect legislative life, as it is punishable by imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years and a fine not exceeding ten million riyals or one of these two penalties, for any candidate who requests, accepts or receives transferable or secure funds, directly or indirectly, or obtains an advantage or benefit from any foreign person or entity, to support him or finance his electoral campaign, as well as confiscate the funds and benefits obtained, to re-run the election in the event that this candidate wins the elections in the district in which he won.

• The Shura Council elections law has prohibited any attempts by the electoral campaigner to divide society, stir up tribal or sectarian strife, or infringe on the sanctity of religion, morals, and authentic societal customs. The law also criminalizes any form of abuse of competing candidates under penalty of liability.

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