Qatar Charity (QC), through its Bosnia and Herzegovina office, has organised cultural and recreational activities for the orphans it sponsors in the country, aiming to develop their capabilities, enhance their self-confidence, and improve their communication skills.
The activities during the weekends, come as part of QC’s keenness to provide comprehensive care to the orphans in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The weekly activities include training sessions, educational and sports events, lectures on Islamic education, history and computer, creative workshops, and visits to some of the famous tourist attractions in Sarajevo, Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The orphans thanked their sponsors in Qatar, as well as QC, for organising educational and recreational activities, indicating that they greatly benefited from the programme.
Sima Ebrilich, a student, thanked the benefactors in Qatar for their support, noting that she came to know significant historical aspects and gained new knowledge from the computer course.
Karim Vecicic expressed his happiness with the programme and the recreational activities, as he could visit tourist attractions that he had never visited before.
The mother of Anida Dervi?i?, sponsored by QC, lauded its role, explaining that such programmes restore confidence to orphans and reminded him that he is not a forgotten person. She thanked the philanthropists of Qatar for their appreciated efforts, and QC for providing comprehensive care to the sponsored orphans.
QC has been organising weekly rehabilitation programmes for the beneficiaries. It will continue until the end of the year and will involve all sponsored orphans in beneficial activities held at the Orphan Care and Rehabilitation Centre, which was established by QC in 2019 to accommodate more than 100 orphans at a time.
The centre has halls with internet service and air conditioning and heating facilities, in addition to classrooms, canteens and lobbies. It provides a fully secured and protected environment.
QC recently built a dormitory in the heart of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina for female orphans enrolled in universities, and for girls from low-income families, who come from rural areas to the capital to continue education, aiming to achieve their aspirations for a better future.
The total number of those sponsored by QC in Bosnia, including orphans, poor families, students, teachers, and persons with special needs, has reached nearly 2,800.
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