Different types of friendship
July 15 2021 12:39 AM
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

By Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

A close and true spiritual friendship:
Everyone needs this friendship in their lives. Having a close and loyal friend in one’s life is very important because it makes one’s life more rational, realistic and simple when that one friend provides the necessary support, without judgements, blame-game, or upsetting for whatever reason. That friend loves sincerely and always respects without a clear reason or link to personality and behaviour, and therefore this type of friend turns and shares all the secrets, no matter how deep and important, without fear or hesitation. One is assured that this friend will remain loyal and supportive in all cases and without any conditions and will not change with time.

An open friendship is based on keeping up with the electronic world:
This friend can be an intelligent and open person who keeps abreast of all new updated information related to different things about culture, politics, music, life and behaviour of celebrities and others. He is always connected to the Internet and forms a strong link in private social media, and it can become one of the most close and connected friendship if the other person is also a pro in keeping up with everything new in the world of digital communication. This friend may be supportive and has a number of friends who belong to the same category of electronic surfers. This friend introduces and links everyone, facilitating interaction and providing professional support whenever needed.

A rational and wise friendship:
A person who has a wise person, a guide, and an inspirer of righteousness as friend is very fortunate. A friend like this has a special approach and a special way of educating and guiding those around him and he usually inspires his friends to be a better person without disturbing them and deliberately making them feel frustrated causing resentment with themselves or what they own. In addition to staying with someone like him motivates one to be a better person, and acts as a support to improve and advance oneself. It is not necessary that this type of friend is a colleague in the same job, or shares the same hobbies and interests, but he is a kind and a gentle person who initiates simple steps towards his friends to support them and help them in life, and he has enough wisdom and patience to guide them and win their love.

A fun and positive friendship:
A person is affected by the presence of a cheerful and positive friend in his life, because he brings out the childish, playful and spontaneous side in him. In addition to making him feel happy and bringing joy to his heart, and drawing a smile on his face when meeting him. The fun and gentle personality of such a friend attracts and delights those around him, and he may love to go out, have fun and take a walk, and is interested in having a comfortable time for relaxation, recreation and entertainment as well, so it is good to accompany him and harmonide with him: to forget the stress and pressures of life, get rid of stress and get positive energy and a constantly high morale boost.

A friendship based on communication and dialogue:
Here the friend is a person who is able to listen, has patience and deliberation, and cares for others. Because he always has a lot of ideas and words of wisdom under his sleeves, people are drawn to him. He lends his ears with an open heart, without making a hasty judgment or the need to intervene, interrupt and disturb. Now, list down your friendships, and see which friend fits in what category!

The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram: @Tipsbyhalahill

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