MME announces agricultural calendar for upcoming season
July 12 2021 05:01 PM
The ministry held a joint press conference with Mahaseel Company regarding the application of the ca
The ministry held a joint press conference with Mahaseel Company regarding the application of the calendar.

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) announced Monday the implementation of the 2021/2022 agricultural calendar season as part of the continuous efforts to support local farmers, strengthen the agricultural sector in the country, and find the necessary solutions to push the sector towards achieving more internal food security requirements.
The ministry held a joint press conference with Mahaseel Company regarding the application of the calendar, coinciding with the end of the agricultural season for the current period, which was characterised by good and high production of local vegetables and excellent varieties. Assistant Director of the Agricultural Affairs Department Adel al-Yafei said that according to the agricultural calendar, the production of farms will be distributed among the basic varieties and in proportions that cover the market's needs in a way that does not lead to flooding the market with some varieties.
He added that the ministry is constantly evaluating the results and making improvements in line with market needs in compliance with the agricultural calendar prepared by it and with the recommendations of agricultural extension agents. This will create a balance between supply and demand and increase the market value of local products and improve farmers' income, he added, explaining that the agricultural calendar will be published in the coming days.
Al-Yafei pointed out that it was agreed to define the agricultural products to be applied in the agricultural calendar, determine their seasons, the quantities of national production for them, the volume of local consumption, and the quantities of import for the same products to take the appropriate decision that guarantees the priority of supporting and selling the national product.
For his part, General Manager of Mahaseel Company Mohamed al-Ghaithani considered the calendar as one of the demands due to the agricultural sector in a way that guarantees the preservation and support of the local product and the strengthening of the efforts of national farmers in high production periods for many local agricultural products.
Regarding the pre-contract programme for purchasing local vegetables 'Daman', al-Ghaithani explained that Mahaseel, in co-ordination with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, has raised the minimum prices for receipt from farmers in the daily supply programme. He stressed that the programme guarantees farmers the receipt by a crop company of their contracted first and second grade vegetables at fixed prices throughout the season, regardless of market prices, paving the way for local farms to draw up their production and marketing plan while ensuring a rewarding return for them.
The MME called on farmers to follow the agricultural calendar that was put forward to organise their production process in order to achieve the appropriate return from those crops. The ministry has worked to improve the local marketing of Qatari farms by introducing several initiatives, including the "Daman" programme, in co-operation with Mahsseel Company, with the aim of delivering the local farms' supplies of vegetables of all kinds to markets and malls, and enabling farm owners to obtain fair prices for their products.

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