The best-in-class ecommerce platform, has brought in another exciting proposition which transforms the dynamics of shopping like never before.

With a ‘Seller’ feature that enables budding entrepreneurs to vend their products and draw business, encourages and empowers enterprises by opening new vistas of opportunities that will help them make a mark of their own in the digital business world. helps business owners and startups in the game with a bevy of easy and affordable options that will help them market their products and secure their business.

It wasn’t long before that e-commerce sites got on the bandwagon of ‘sell your own stuff with us’ concept. But what makes up in the trend is its viability and scalability as an e-tail site to help small time sellers to push the envelope and make it big on the global scale. The ‘Seller’ application in Jazp helps entrepreneurs list and trade their products, manage inventory and accept payments. It also helps dealers to venture into new export areas, reach out to a global populace and secure higher number of orders thanks to networking.

With pandemic affecting the consumer behaviour and preferences, sellers at will have an added advantage of catering to the needs of a large customer base and drawing profits. The retailers who associate with can sell and deliver their products to a wider audience across Qatar given the influence and command that the trusted e-commerce giant has over the customers.

Why sell with

The visibility and compliance expected on such a platform is guaranteed with no middlemen in the business. In’s website, the listing of items is free of cost and they will find the best available online space in the website. The sale is direct with no overhead costs and increased revenue share and profits are ensured. There is an absolute free pick and drop service of goods and prices are charged only after the orders are placed. There are also built-in logistics tools to track the online sales and delivery rates. An instant feedback from clients about what to sell and how to price your products encourage retailers to showcase bespoke items that are aligned with the personal preferences of the customers which expands sales and improves retailer-customer relations.

“Lack of access and business acumen often prevents enterprising individuals from participating in the business. The niche business culture of will benefit the players to explore the possibilities of the game and to make it big. We assist them to set up an online business in no time, stimulate their growth and support empowerment in the form of financial independence. Leveraging the resources and network of partners and with constant support of customers business will thrive for and its stakeholders”, said Ms. Juhaina Abdul Hamid, Seller Support Supervisor.

The high penetration of in digital world plays an influential role in driving new business propositions for both one-time retailers and seasonal entrepreneurs. Mr. Jamsheer Thanalot and Mr. Nawas Basheer, founders of envision of providing our customers with a blissful and immensely gratifying hyper personalized shopping experience of international benchmark. It’s this vision that has enabled to find an exponential growth in these three years and we are on our tour to rule the ecommerce platform.

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