Positive change is defined as a methodology based on implementing change initiatives in order to enhance performance at the level of individuals and groups, and it is based on changing the public system by introducing new practices aimed at improvement by charging the person with more energy with positive thoughts that lead him to creativity, which leads him to reach the goals he seeks to achieve.


Steps for positive change:

There are some steps that an individual must follow in order to achieve positive change in his life which are:


Patience and not giving up:

A person should not rush the results of the change he has brought about, as change usually takes time to bear fruit, and haste in seeking results may distant a person from the production process, which hinders the occurrence of these results. The unfavourable speed may spoil the whole thing and make the person feel very frustrated because of not seeing the fruits as quickly as he wants, so he has to be more patient in order to get the desired results, and he should not give up immediately, the change is usually accompanied by some failed attempts. However, determination leads to success in the end.


Measuring the results:

It is necessary to measure the results on a continuous basis in order to notice the changes that a person makes, seeing these daily changes make him feel that he is making an actual effort, and makes his effort this unbreakable or switchable because of the motivation he receives from the feeling of satisfaction with what he achieves continuously, and the more it goes. The longer this period, the less the person will be able to abandon this change.


Changing the environment:

Changing the environment is the most important step for a person who seeks positive change. This is because the environment has a great impact on the human being, which may be bad if it is negative, so the individual must spend less time with the people who make him feel negative. It is important to note that changing the environment is not only limited to changing negative people, but rather includes arranging and cleaning the surrounding environment, such as the office, room and home, which leads to the human psyche with good feelings.


Finding a supporter:

Finding a supporter is important in order to keep a person focused on his goals, change becomes easier when the individual receives encouragement and motivation from people, if a person finds it difficult to continue on the plan he has set or there is a possibility of losing his enthusiasm and focus, it is good to use a friend to help him.


Taking simple change steps:

You should not overburden yourself with too many changes at once and quickly. This is because it is possible for a person to lose his resolve and to abandon the achievement of the goal he seeks, in addition to that this may be a cause for concern and difficult at times. It is better to divide the goals into small sections that help the person to achieve them smoothly.


The importance of positive change:

1. Increases enthusiasm in life.

2. End bad conditions.

3. Increases opportunities.

4. Success.

5. Increases focus.


Let’s change positively!


The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types.

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