* People can produce digital copies of key documents to avail of MoI services or when demanded by security/traffic patrols
The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has launched the E-Wallet service on the Metrash2 application, which will contain digital copies of important documents that people can produce while availing of different MoI services or if asked for by security or traffic patrols.
This comes within the framework of the "ministry's digital vision and its plan to switch to e-systems to develop the services provided to the public in easy and accessible ways, and maintain the advanced level achieved by Qatar in this field", Qatar News Agency (QNA) reports.
In a statement yesterday, the MoI said the E-Wallet "consists of official documents, including the Qatar ID card (residence permit), driving licence, vehicle registration and ownership of fancy/significant number". The public can use the E-Wallet while approaching various departments and sections of the MoI to avail of their services.
Commenting on the occasion, assistant director-general of Information Systems Brigadier Ibrahim al-Harami explained that the E-Wallet is a new window on the Metrash2 app that aims to enable the public to access digital copies of personal documents for using in the Ministry of Interior's transactions in the first stage.
Brigadier al-Harami noted that the step comes in the framework of the constant development of the MoI's services to ensure that all of these are accessible by the public easily, saving time and effort.
He added that the new service will help the public complete transactions in the shortest possible time at service outlets, and allow people to display the stored identity documents in the app if they are demanded by security or traffic patrols.
The e-services of the MoI are witnessing "great development, especially the Metrash2 app, where the number of services available exceed 200", the QNA report adds.