Educators from schools across Qatar have broadened their skillsets and ability to inspire young people to excel, through a special scholarship programme of Qatar Foundation (QF) as it marked 25 years of leading learning.
The milestone in the organisation’s journey saw the Education Development Institute (EDI) – part of QF's Pre-University Education – establish the 25 Professional Learning Scholarship Opportunities initiative, to support teachers and both current and aspiring school leaders to further improve their skills and the academic performance of their students, by participating in two specialised programmes.
It gave 25 non-QF educators the chance to benefit from innovative, data-driven training and coaching within EDI’s Programme for Effective Teaching and Learning (Petal) and Programme for Aspiring Leaders and Managers in Education (Palme) on a scholarship basis.
Among the participants was Dr Niall Johnson, an English teacher at Qatar Science and Technology Secondary School for Boys, who said: “The Palme programme really helped me develop my understanding of data instruction. As I move forward, I feel much better placed to use assessments to improve the learning in my department.”
Younes Salem Orabi, an Arabic language co-ordinator at Ibn Al Haytham Elementary School for Boys, said he learned from the programme the importance of data, its analysis, and how it supports appropriate and sound decision-making; as well as the importance of reflection and deep thinking in the various stages of work.
Through the scholarships for Petal and Palme, educators accessed 60 hours of intensive, collaborative, data-informed professional development engagements, as well as one-to-one coaching, all designed to equip them with ideas and methodologies that they can put into action within their schools. The two programmes are designed to improve their data literacy, research skills, and capacity for reflection.
EDI supports educators to gain new knowledge, skills, and insights that enhance the learning experience they offer students, as well as playing a key role in curriculum development and nurturing education leaders. As well as Petal and Palme – both of which are offered in Arabic and English – EDI opens up opportunities for educators to benefit from workshops and postgraduate education programmes.
“In the 25 years since its first school was established, QF has constantly been challenging the assumptions of classroom education, and helping prepare both students and educators for a future that will look very different to the present,” said Mehdi Benchaabane, director, EDI.
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