The new edition of 'My Career - My Future 2021' program, for high school students, organised by Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), started Monday. 

The new edition, which is held virtually for three days a week, consists of six interviews streamed live via Instagram, with the participation of people from different professions and specialties. The program will conclude on June 23.

During the sessions, each guest will elaborate on their profession and academic background before taking questions from participating students.

Senior Career Programs and Services Officer at QCDC Shaheen Hamad Al Sulaiti said: In this program, we focus on the professions in which the country needs to increase the number of employees in the future. We therefore host people from various professions, specializations, and sectors such as media, health, energy, industry, social work, and technology entrepreneurship. We hope that the interviews encourage students to explore these specializations and pursue them to fill future vacancies in Qatar."

Al Sulaiti stressed that these interviews enables students to discover these professions, learn about the requirements, and as correct any misconceptions they may have about them. Students will discover the nature of these professions by listening to the guest speakers personal experiences and having the opportunity to ask questions.
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