Ashghal continues to support small-scale Qatari contractors through Ta’heel Initiative
June 12 2021 02:11 PM
Ashghal's Taheel initiative a boon to small-scale Qatari contractors

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has said it continues to support small-scale Qatari contractors through its road development works while implementing the Small-Scale Qatari Contractors Initiative, Ta’heel.

Launched in 2018, the initiative comes as part of Ashghal’s keenness to provide an appropriate environment for the growth of Qatari companies in line with the country’s strategy to support local Qatari products, the authority has said in a statement.

Saoud al-Tamimi, Roads Projects Department manager, said Ashghal is keen to implement the country’s approach to rely on national expertise and empower them "by taking several measures to support the Qatari producer, contractor and consultant, in addition to reducing reliance on foreign companies for the implementation of infrastructure projects".

He noted that the total value of the nine contracts awarded as part of the initiative has reached QR189mn to date, adding that Ashghal is working on awarding four new contracts worth QR120mn.

Al-Tamimi explained that through road improvement contracts implemented by Qatari companies, Ashghal provides the opportunity for new investors and contractors to implement small projects, which qualifies them to work on strategic projects in the country and compete in the local market in preparation for larger projects in the future.

During the years 2020 and 2021, five new road improvement contracts have been awarded to Qatari contractors with a total value of about QR129mn within Ta’heel.

Ali Ashkanani, head of the Northern Areas Section in the Roads Projects Department, said Ashghal has qualified many national manufacturers and given priority to Qatari manufacturers, local products and suppliers to provide the main materials used in infrastructure within road development projects by encouraging them and increasing their participation.

Fahad Mohamed al-Otaibi, head of the Western Areas Section in the Roads Projects Department, said the authority supports new contractors by training them and introducing companies to the best practices in projects, especially because Ashghal doesn’t require companies to have previous experience with the authority in the roads or road maintenance projects.

The scope of work within the road improvement projects includes grading of roads, asphalt paving, construction of pedestrian crossings and sidewalks, adjustment of existing manholes or drainage covers, service crossings as well as the enhancement of traffic safety such as installation of directional signs and road marking.

Sheikh Mishaal al-Thani, representative of Turnkey Contracting Company, said the opportunity to work with Ashghal on various projects in the country would allow the company to gain experience in the implementation of projects.

“It will prove our presence in the field at a national level and develop the capabilities and skills of our engineers in a way that qualifies our company to compete in the global market in the future. Therefore, we value Ashghal's efforts in providing this valuable opportunity to small businesses,” Sheikh Mishaal said.

Mohamed al-Mana, representative of Group 9, said they are pleased with the opportunity to work with Ashghal on a road improvement project. “This would help us gain experience and open an opportunity for us to develop our capabilities. We also count on benefiting from the qualification and training courses offered by Ashghal that prepares our employees and competencies to work according to best practices in project implementation," he said.


* Qualification of Small-Scale Contractors Initiative

Ashghal launched Ta’heel in January 2018. The initiative aims to develop and support the local Qatari companies and encourage them to participate in road projects, even if they have no previous experience in this field.

The initiative provides the opportunity for these companies to develop and qualify their companies to compete in the local market as well as the global market in the future. It also aims to provide support to new contractors through training them and introducing them to best practices in project implementation.

The value of road improvement projects completed within the initiative amounted to QR60mn, in which four Qatari contracting companies participated.

Ahmed Ali al-Mashhadi, representative of Al Madar, expressed his appreciation for Ashghal’s efforts in qualifying small contractors, which is first of its kind in Qatar, by giving the opportunity to gain phased experience by implementing infrastructure projects, thus qualifying them for major projects in the future.

Ibrahim al-Obaidly, representative of JAK Construction, thanked Ashghal for its "continuous support and follow-up for us step by step throughout the project implementation period, which allowed us to gain experience in the field". “We would like to particularly praise Ashghal’s co-operation and help in various areas of project implementation, such as quality, safety and implementation processes,” he added.

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