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June 10 2021 10:35 PM
Shaheen Gould, head of production support at Media Queen TV, left, attends Women Dialogues as guest
Shaheen Gould, head of production support at Media Queen TV, left, attends Women Dialogues as guest of Dr Goel. Shaheen is originally from UK and has been living in Qatar

* Indian expat Dr Shashi Goel runs ‘Women Dialogues’, a digital show sharing success stories of women from different countries.

Women in Qatar are a force to reckon with. Qatar is keen on empowering women and providing support and an environment that will enhance their political, civil, social, economic and cultural rights. The empowerment of women is also an essential part of Qatar National Vision 2030. Women in Qatar also feel empowered and free in making decisions and pursuing their dreams.
Dr Shashi Goel is an Indian expatriate, who has been living in Qatar for over six years now. She continues to motivate women across the globe by sharing stories of successful women through her digital talk show ‘Women Dialogues.’
In the show, she invites women with significant success and achievements in life and shares their stories for her audience.
Gulf Times recently spoke to Goel, author of two books – ‘Domestic Violence against Women’ and ‘Gender Responsive Budgeting – A Tool for Gender Equality’, about her expertise and experiences regarding women empowerment.
An experienced educator, adept trainer, dedicated coach, and selfless mentor since 2007, she has specialised in preparing individuals and organisations for the success and challenges of the high-performance journey.
“I give sessions in training, coaching on various issues like: mental health, career success, motivational speech, self-development training, successful life, personal development, and women empowerment,” she pointed out.
Being an agent of positive change, Goel is dedicated to bringing positive change in a women’s life.
“I have so far reached out to women in as many as 58 countries. I have helped women create a voice for themselves and empowered them by providing a growth platform. If we try, we can see positivity everywhere. So, we can have positive stories during the global pandemic too.”
For Goel it is time to reach out to women globally.
Talking about her digital show ‘Women Dialogues’, she said: “In this project, I am bringing to the limelight successful women from around the globe. I am trying to create women empowerment, diversity, inclusiveness, and global women’s voices. My guests come from all kinds of background, race, colour, cultures, and status. I have worked with women from 58 countries in six continents. I am really overwhelmed by the response and feedback from the global women community.”
Further explaining her project’s work and purpose, Goel said: “Often women have to struggle more than men to find a suitable job after getting higher education and professional skills. I have had a similar kind of experience after my PhD. It was very hard to find a suitable job. The skills and wisdom shared during the show can be helpful for self-development.”
Goel was recently nominated as president of the Qatar chapter of Women’s India Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI) organisation. “I am working for all women entrepreneurs and women professionals in Qatar. I am developing an ecosystem for women in Qatar to create growth with safety and security.”
Goel believes Qatar leads the way when it comes to women empowerment. “Each time I connect with women globally, I talk about the country where I live. I try to create global understanding about Qatar through my online show. I apprise the guests on how Qatar promotes women empowerment. I am inspired by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser who carries the mission of education and creating global women empowerment.”  

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