* Windy conditions expected Monday, marine warning from Monday evening
As hot weather continued around the country, the Qatar Met department Sunday advised the public to avoid direct exposure to sunlight in order to prevent a sunstroke.
"Sunstroke happens when the body becomes unable to cool itself through sweating. Chances of a sunstroke increase when humidity rises in hot weather conditions," the Met department said in a post on Twitter.
The department explained, through illustrations, the symptoms of sunstroke and ways to prevent it.
The symptoms are rapid heartbeat, no sweating and hot/red skin, dizziness and headache, unconsciousness and vomiting. Ways to prevent include: do not wear dark and thick clothes, limit outdoor time, use a sunscreen and an umbrella, drink enough water and have a cool shower.
A maximum temperature of 48C was recorded yesterday in Mukaynis and Sudanthile, followed by 47C in Sheehaniya, Karana and Turayna, 46C in Jumayliyah, 44C in Mesaimeer, 43C in Al Khor, Ghuwairiyah and Umm Bab, 42C in the Doha airport area, Mesaieed and Dukhan, 41C in the Qatar University area and 40C in Shehaimiya.
Today, the maximum temperature is expected to range from 37C in Ruwais to 41C in Doha and Dukhan.
The forecast also says strong winds are expected in some places during the daytime. It will be hazy at first, followed "hot to very hot" conditions and slight to blowing dust in some areas during the daytime.
The forecast for offshore areas says poor visibility is expected at first, and there will be strong winds and high seas by the evening.
Hazy to misty conditions are likely and there is a chance of fog in the early hours of the day, followed by some scattered clouds later.
The wind speed may go up to 25 knots during in some inshore areas during the daytime and 27 knots in northern offshore areas by the evening, with the sea level rising to 7/8ft towards the north.
The marine warning for strong winds and high seas is expected to last from this evening until tomorrow, according to a tweet by the Met department.