LuLu Hypermarket marks World Environment Day
June 05 2021 08:22 PM
Environment-friendly initiatives by LuLu Hypermarket.
Environment-friendly initiatives by LuLu Hypermarket.

LuLu Hypermarket Qatar has joined hands with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) to participate in its 'One Million Trees Initiative' on the sidelines of World Environment Day.
The inaugural ceremony of the initiative will be held at 9am Sunday on the LuLu Hypermarket premises on D-Ring Road.

Senior officials from the MME's Public Parks Department, namely Mohamed al-Sada, assistant director; Khalid Asindi, head of the Project Section; and Mayson, engineer; Naser Aldarweish and Abdelmahdi Salman from the Gardens Section of Doha Municipality and the senior management of LuLu Group will attend the event.
To promote the MME's initiative and communicate the message about the importance of protecting the nature, LuLu Hypermarket will plant trees in the garden aisles of its parking grounds and also distribute plants among shoppers during the day, the leading retailer has said in a statement.
"Sustainability is one its key priorities at LuLu, not just as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility but as also part of its commitment to the community. LuLu Hypermarket has always stood for the cause of the environment all along its journey as a true retailer, and all its expansions were done in a socially responsible manner taking into account the community around and under firm commitment to sustainability by initiating measures to protect the environment and contribute to reducing carbon emissions and food waste. It has always endeavoured to disseminate the message about the necessity of energy optimisation by implementing the same first at its stores," the statement notes.
Recently, LuLu Hypermarket implemented the energy optimisation and reduction of carbon footprint initiative at its central AC units, freezers and chillers starting with the Alkhor Mall project.
"These energy optimisation and predictive maintenance measures have saved approximately 566,000Kw of energy in a span of three months. This is equivalent of saving 401 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emission, gas emissions of 87 passenger vehicles driven for one year, gas emissions of 1,008,080 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle, carbon sequestered by 6,633 tree seedlings grown for 10 years and varbon sequestered by 491 acres of US forests in one year," the statement explains.
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission is the primary driver of global climate change. It is widely recognised that to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the world needs to urgently reduce emissions. Keeping this in view, LuLu Group has focused on reducing carbon emissions from its operations by investing in the waste management hierarchy, the statement adds.
To implement this, it has set a science-based target to ensure that it plays a role in cutting emissions to the level required to keep global warming below the 2C threshold. To monitor progress, it has focused on the recycling of paper and cardboards, collection of waste oil and disposal of food wastage through the ORCA waste disposal system. LuLu’s recent Sustainability Report states that, with the above
measures, it could contribute positively to the environment by evading an overall 13,159 tonnes of CO2 emission.
LuLu Group had introduced biodegradable shopping bags and also given customers the option of using reusable shopping bags. It also introduced a “borrow a bag” programme to encourage customers to think about reusable bags. Further, it works with its local and international suppliers to reduce packaging and encourage recycling.
Most recently, LuLu Hypermarket Qatar was certified as the first retailer in Mena to achieve sustainable operations certification under the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) from the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD). The project achieved an overall score of 1.51 after audit by the sustainability experts from GSAS Trust and GORD Labs, which corresponds to a ‘GOLD’ rating under the GSAS Operations certification.
In observance of the World Environment Day, LuLu has come up with "lucrative offers" on LED lights with a view to conserve energy. As part of promoting the usage of LED lights, LuLu Hypermarket will give away an energy-saver LED bulb to those shoppers
who buy supermarket items for a sum of QR100 and above until Sunday.

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