A large number of people belonging to different nationalities and walks of life attended a meeting organised to show solidarity to the Palestinian cause on Saturday evening in Doha, amid the ongoing Israeli bombing of Gaza which has claimed more than 140 lives.

Held in front of the State Mosque (Imam Muhammad bin Abdulwahab Mosque), the participants at the pro-Palestine demonstration were seen waving the flags of Qatar, Palestine and their respective countries, shouting slogans stressing their full support for the people of Palestine and their love and readiness to sacrifice for Al Aqsa Mosque. They also denounced what they described as the illegitimate and inhumane practices of the Israeli Occupation Forces against the Palestinian people and using excessive force against them.


According to a source, thousands of people took part in the demonstration and this was the largest of any kind of rally held in Qatar in the recent past.

Ismail Haniya, Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas who is currently visiting Doha, addressed the crowd and thanked them for their enthusiasm and keenness to support the cause, assuring them that the resistance is going on and the Palestinian people would not relent until they get all their rights as they are ready to defend the holy land with all they have until it is ultimately liberated.

Some of the participants thanked the organizers for giving them such an opportunity to show their support. Meshaal Hammad said that he considered this as a very important and necessary solidarity stand with Palestine, Gaza and Al Quds, where the Palestinian expatriates, and other people living in Qatar could show their support for their brothers in Palestine in a civilised way that could help boost their morale in such difficult times.

Khalid al-Naameh said that he was keen to take part at the event and raise the Palestinian flag as a way to show his rejection of the injustice taking place against the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. He also stressed that he wished all success and victory for the Palestinians. He further pointed out that the large numbers of people who turned out for the meeting had surprised him and exceeded his expectations, which affirms the popularity of the cause.

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