MoTC assessment plan to enhance road safety
May 08 2021 11:14 PM
MoTC assessment plan to enhance road safety

The Qatar Roads Assessment Programme (Q-RAP) of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) will enhance safety features on roads while reducing traffic accidents. The key objectives of the programme, which is 90% complete, include preparing appropriate engineering solutions to raise safety levels for all road users and contributing to a reduction in traffic accidents, the MoTC has said through a post on social media.
Other key objectives include conducting detailed surveys to assess road safety, knowing the star rating of road safety in line with best world practices and developing integrated systems and apps to ensure access to accurate high-quality data. The project works currently under way are completing the star rating on safety of roads; preparing and developing apps to identify the most dangerous areas and introducing efficient plans to improve them and raise safety levels; and co-ordinating with bodies concerned in Qatar to take the necessary measures to improve the safety level on road networks, according to the MoTC.
A field technical survey by the MoTC is under way as part of the programme and it will cover 20,000km of road paths, bridges and tunnels while surveying the complementary road assets to ensure providing a safe, high-quality road network and building a smart database for assessing road assets performance, improving safety and reducing road accidents. Also, the survey will review further road assets including lampposts, road signs and safety barriers.
The survey is carried as part of the ministry's efforts to support the Second National Development Strategy and Qatar National Vision 2030. It is aimed at building a smart database for assessing road assets' performance while providing a safe and high-quality road network and deploying best standards and specifications for road assets delivery.
Besides, the survey has been initiated in order to provide sustainable road maintenance solutions in Qatar and encourage the private sector’s involvement in transportation and mobility projects while preserving Qatar’s capital investments and gains.
In February, MoTC announced that nearly 3,125km of local roads have been so far examined while nearly 1,900km of main and vital roads have been panoramically profiled. Nearly 1,000km of road surfaces have been surveyed with Road Measurement Data Acquisition System (ROMDAS) 3D devices.
The MoTC has deployed advanced systems to collect, process and update data and the collected data is uploaded to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platforms while measuring the slipperiness of the road surfaces to enhance road safety and reduce traffic accidents. Also, international roughness index is measured to ensure providing high-quality roads.
In August 2020, the ministry signed an MoU with the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) for planning, studying, designing, maintaining and managing the road projects as part of upgrading the level of collaboration, joint efforts and constructive co-operation with the aim of providing a safe, integrated transportation system in line with best universal practices and standards.
The MoTC and Ashghal look to develop and manage the mobility and transportation projects as an integrated network compatible with other modes of transportation in an efficient, economic, safe and environment-friendly fashion. The two sides aim to fulfil Qatar’s mobility and transportation needs in line with the Second National Development Strategy (2018-2022) and Qatar National Vision 2030.

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