Msheireb Properties attends global virtual event by Tamuq
May 02 2021 11:36 PM
Al-Kuwari at the virtual conference.
Al-Kuwari at the virtual conference.

Msheireb Properties has participated in a virtual international conference on sustainable smart cities and territories, organised by Texas A&M University at Qatar (Tamuq).
The three-day event discussed the importance of adopting sustainable and smart practices in today’s urban developments.
Acting chief executive Engineer Ali al-Kuwari presented and discussed the vision of Msheireb Properties in delivering a smart and sustainable city since its inception, promising contemporary urban development that combines traditional architectural language with modernity and technology.
Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD) is described as the world’s first fully built smart and sustainable downtown regeneration project.
It reflects the vision of Msheireb Properties to revive the old commercial district of Msheireb to a contemporary city with a new architectural language that is modern yet inspired by traditional Qatari heritage.
Msheireb Properties also aims to change the way people think about urban living, to improve their overall quality of life and to achieve one of the pillars of Qatar’s National Vision 2030.
“Msheireb Downtown Doha is smart from inception. Its infrastructure, applications, and systems are smart," al-Kuwari said. "The infrastructure is well prepared for the city to be smart, including telecommunication infrastructure, data centers, connections between the city buildings and facilities.”
“Smart applications for monitoring and managing power, and GPS have been installed within the city and a data analysis app that counts the numbers of visitors in each event or activity, along with a 3D data analysis system that allows collecting and analysing data, comparing it, and draw conclusions," he added. “Services that end users can use are smart customer services, free WiFi across the city, smart and connected signages, wayfinding, and much more.
“We are offering a city that is changing the way of life, enhanced water and energy efficiency, and meet the requirements of the current and future generations and businesses.
“Sustainability is central to Msheireb Downtown Doha in both the conservation of natural resources and the quality of its design; this reiterates our commitment to the environment and preserving natural resources.”
“At Msheireb, over 5,200 rooftop solar panels and solar hot water panels are used to generate electricity,” al-Kuwari said. “A total of 32% of energy is saved due to the efficient building design, improved building envelopes of walls and windows, recessed windows, energy recovery to the outside air entering the building, optimised ventilation using carbon dioxide detectors, and a high-efficiency district cooling plant.”
“Efficient irrigation systems and native green species have been adapted to survive in dry conditions reduce landscape irrigation requirements,” he added.
All of the MDD’s planned buildings meet the LEED Gold standard for environmental performance, and some facilities have a platinum rating.
MDD is Qatar’s latest sustainable and walkable city district and destination for living, leisure, and business.
Located in a prime location, it offers retail, commercial, residential and civic services that will make Msheireb once more the heart of Doha.

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