Many of us are exposed to psychological pressures that make us cry, and crying is a kind of psychological emptying to get rid of the sadness and depression that we may experience in many situations, but crying during the night and before bed has health and psychological damage to a person. The rate of women crying before bed is higher than men and one can accredit that to their increased sensitivity in comparison.

Damages of crying before sleep on health:
The damage caused by crying before bed may affect the normal functioning of a person’s daily life, and these damages lie in:
1. Anxiety leads to the inability to sleep continuously, which makes the person feel exhausted and inabil to perform his actions the next day.  
2. Bad psychological state accompanies a person throughout the day as a result of crying before sleep.
3. Feeling lethargic and physically tired throughout the day because crying is one of the things that takes a toll on health, and may even cause organic diseases, including hepatitis virus and colitis, especially if there is continuous crying during the night and for long periods.
4. A decrease in the performance of human immune system – which exposes it easily to infectious diseases. Brain cells are affected, which leads to malfunction of the nervous system as a result of the brain not giving it the correct commands.
5. Infection with a colon disease.
Hence, crying before bed is a matter that should not be underestimated, and that is why a person who suffer from problems must turn to his/her family or friends or any person who he/she is comfortable with him and trusts instead of crying.
In a recent study Crying before bed and death it was proven that crying before bed may cause death as it causes a significant increase in the heartbeat, which disrupts the heart’s function, which therefore leads to suddenly stop, which is known as a cardiac arrest leading to death. A person who is going through a bad mental state should not give in to crying and instead must practice relaxation exercises, until his/her nerves calm down, and if he/she does not succeed in that, he/she must consult a specialised psychiatrist to determine whether he/she suffers from depression and needs treatment by taking certain types of medications.

• The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram: @Tipsbyhalahill