DIFI holds dirst Ramadan session on successful marriage
April 26 2021 12:06 AM


The Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, has organised its first discussion session in a series of episodes that it holds weekly throughout the holy month of Ramadan.
During the session, which was held through video conference technology, family affairs experts addressed the most prominent ways to achieve stability in marital life, highlighting the importance of values, such as tolerance, affection and care between spouses, and the use of emotional intelligence in managing relationships, enhancing communication skills and sharing family responsibilities, in addition to providing a set of advice to husbands in order to strengthen the bonds of the relationship and continuous work for the sake of the success of the marriage institution.
DIGI executive director Sharifa Numan al-Emadi emphasised that compatibility between spouses is the cornerstone of a successful marriage, is central to ensuring the stability of a healthy marriage, and is necessary to present positive models for a successful marriage in order to correct the societal perception of those who are about to get married.
She pointed to the importance of relying on the rehabilitation programmes for those who are about to marry but are facing certain issues, given its importance in forming a successful marriage and building healthy and stable families and societies.
For his part, Dr Mohamed al-Anzi, a psychologist, highlighted the importance of harmony between the spouses and the efforts made by both to overcome obstacles they may face in the future.
He said that what makes the marriage a success is that the spouses adopt positive thinking patterns and always put happy moments in their lives in focus, and that they benefit from experiences and knowledge that enable them to overcome difficult periods.
This session on successful marriage came as a continuation of the institute’s awareness-raising efforts on the importance of the institution of marriage, and a continuation of the themes related to the recent international conference held by the DIFI.

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