QU holds panel discussion on Gamestop saga
April 19 2021 09:01 PM
Panel discussion on “What is known as the Gamestop saga.”
Panel discussion on “What is known as the Gamestop saga.”

Qatar University’s (QU) College of Business and Economics (CBE) hosted a panel discussion on ‘what is known as the Gamestop saga’, as part of its ongoing webinar series. The panel attracted more than 200 attendees.
In his welcoming speech, Prof Adam Fadlalla, the acting dean of the CBE said, “The CBE is committed to keeping its students informed about major international events such as the Gamestop phenomenon. What the world has witnessed in this event is a big shock to the stock market, and an interesting dynamic between the main street, Wall Street, and the regulators. The event challenged many well-established beliefs about stock markets and highlighted the new realities of how social media-based activism can disrupt traditional market interactions”.
Prof Mohamed Goaied, head of Finance and Economics Department at QU said, “The aim of this debate was to identify the main reasons for the Gamestop frenzied trading, short squeeze, and how online trading affected stock markets volatility. It also addressed the implications of social media on the integrity of the financial markets, the role of ethics and the potential challenges related to securities’ online trading. Finally, these panel discussions will help students develop their critical thinking, by understanding the topic from different disciplines, and through interactions with academics and professionals from various fields, thereby bridging the gap between theory and practice”.
The expert and distinguished guest speakers of this panel included professor of accounting, Alex Preda and professor of finance, David Aikman both from King’s College of London; the director of marketing and communication at Qatar Stock Exchange, Hussein al-Abdulla, president of CFA Society in Doha, Umair Siddique and Dr Mohamed Elgammal, associate professor of Finance, CBE.

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