Tasmu takes major strides in turning Smart Qatar vision into reality
April 12 2021 10:56 PM
Reem Mohamed al-Mansoori
Reem Mohamed al-Mansoori

*Programme recorded major achievements in 2020
The Smart Qatar Programme (Tasmu) of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) added several achievements to its credit in co-operation with partners in the public and private sectors while helping Qatar transform into a smart country and support key sectors in responding and adapting to economic challenges.
“Tasmu identified 12 personas from all walks of life, from retired individuals to new moms and blue-collar workers. Studying and understanding their backgrounds, needs, digital skill levels and pain points, Tasmu is developing smart solutions and applications that will benefit and empower the people," the MoTC said in a press statement yesterday.
Reem Mohamed al-Mansoori, Assistant Undersecretary of Digital Society Development at the MoTC, said: "Tasmu strives to build a smart Qatar that is sustainable and capable of providing a better quality of life for our society. Investing in human capabilities and advanced technology, we are developing smart solutions and applications that will transform our lives for the better by making services more effective and accessible.
"Our efforts will help build an economy that supports innovation and drives investment. Tasmu smart solutions and applications will provide precise analytics and comprehensive insights that will support the country’s decision makers.
“With strength in mission, unity in purpose and agility in problem solving, the Tasmu programme successfully delivered upon its mandate in 2020. We are proud of the progress the programme has achieved by fostering innovation through collaboration and coordination with all stakeholders that will fuel the country’s digital transformation. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, as we need to intensify and focus our efforts in order to support Qatar’s economic competitiveness and contribute to digital position and role as an innovation hub in the region."
The Tasmu programme has 23 initiatives operating under four main pillars that will ensure all sectors have the capability to achieve the goals of Qatar’s digital transformation.
Implementing a programme of this magnitude, which has a profound impact on the entire country, requires robust governance that can set the foundations and lead its effective rollout. In the past year, Tasmu's governance model was established to define systems, tools, processes, methods, and leadership required to manage the Tasmu programme and the several initiatives it boasts. The governance committees and groups that have been formed will ensure successful implementation and management of the nationwide digital transformation.
Simultaneously, Tasmu has developed a five-year roadmap for policies and standards that will serve as the regulatory framework underpinning the smart country initiatives. From protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, to reducing ethical risks and negative social and environmental impacts of adopting emerging technologies, Tasmu developed six common policies. These are the Security Policy, Data Policy, Interoperability Policy, Electronic Commerce & Transaction Policy, Experience Policy and Societal Impact Policy. These ensure the ICT ecosystem in Qatar has the necessary guidelines to develop meaningful, safe, and relevant experiences to the users of Tasmu smart solutions and applications.

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