Midlife Crisis: Is it real?
April 08 2021 01:14 AM
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

By Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

What is midlife crisis?

Midlife crisis is a period in a person’s life in which he feels that he wants to return to the age of youth again and enters into a state of denial that he has really passed middle age.
Disturbances occur during the middle age period, and some symptoms appear on humans, and a person usually develops symptoms of this crisis between the ages of 35-47.

Is midlife crisis even real?
Midlife crisis cannot be classified as a mental illness, but some people often suffer from this crisis. Some experts describe midlife crisis as a transitional stage that makes a person evaluate his achievements in life and make him make some decisions regarding his next life.

Symptoms of midlife crisis
Here are some of the symptoms that people who suffer from midlife crisis experience:
1. Indifference
 People feel apathy during a midlife crisis, whether in personal life or work.
2. Staying in bed
A person feels that he wants to stay in bed all the time and feels that he wants to change his life greatly. Some people buy a new car, but this does not help solve the problem at all.
3. Useless argument
Some people argue about what they want to do in the future, but they don’t do anything about it and they don’t take real steps.
4. Loss of control
Most people lose the ability to control their work and personal lives during midlife crisis, and these people feel that their lives are more like an unmanned plane.
5. Loss of target
People feel a loss of purpose and value in life, and others see no benefit in consistently living the same daily routine.
6. The lack of any feasibility for what a person does
A person feels that the plans he makes do not work or succeed as before, and this relates to work, personal life, and daily routines.
7. Antics
A person performs strange behaviors that do not resemble a real person’s personality at all, and these behaviors do not necessarily have to be bad.
8. Boredom
A person feels that he knows the expected end of all situations and facts in life, which makes life boring and highly anticipated.
9. Loss of the thrill of success
A person feels during midlife crisis that life is short and that tomorrow is not guaranteed at all, which makes a person reject the chances of success and development in life, which leads to the loss of the pleasure of success and passion in life.
10. Loss of satisfaction
People feel dissatisfied even in situations of achieving success in work and life.
11. Work to avoid loss
A person does not work in the desire to succeed, but begins to work in order to avoid loss only, as the person feels that life has advanced and that success has no value anymore.

Dealing with midlife crisis is not easy. You feel that something is happening and must be eliminated immediately.
Here are some ways and tips in order to avoid the feeling associated with this crisis:
1. Not to take hasty decisions: You should not take decisions simply by wanting to change, as big decisions require more time to think.
2. Talking with close people: middle-aged women and men feel lonely, so it is recommended to talk to friends and family or a therapist.
3. Thinking more realistically: All feelings that a person feels are real, but a person should not lose sight of the truth of what one sometimes explains, which may be wrong and largely counter-realistic.
4. Be kind: You must be kind to friends and family during this period, especially when you want to make big steps and changes in life.
5. Be positive: The crisis is not considered a negative thing at all, so you must be positive and focus on making positive and beneficial decisions only.
6. Going out of the comfort zone: It is recommended to do new and different activities than usual, and travel to new places helps to break out of the ordinary and improve the psychological greatly.
7. Voluntary work: Helping people creates a new spirit in the human being and renews his giving energy.
8. A healthy lifestyle: It is recommended to exercise regularly, practice relaxation exercises and yoga, and eat healthy foods, as this helps to replenish energy and improve the human psyche significantly.

- The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram: @Tipsbyhalahill

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