Qatar University’s (QU) Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (Sesri) convened a virtual meeting to launch a new research project titled “Gender, Education, and Employment Transitions in Qatar: Implementing the First Survey of Qatari Youth,” which was awarded a grant from Qatar National Research Fund National Priorities Research Programme.
The project aims to understand more about the challenges and opportunities associated with young adulthood in Qatar through implementation of a first-ever Qatari Youth Survey, which will provide scholars and policymakers previously-unavailable data about the educational, professional, and social transitions taking place in the lives of young Qataris between the age of 18 and 29.
A meeting for the survey was chaired by the study’s lead primary investigator, Dr Noora Lari, who is manager of the Policy Department at Sesri. Dr Lari was joined by Sesri director, Dr Kaltham al-Ghanim and fellow project investigators, Dr Justin Gengler and Dr Abdellatif Sellami of Qatar University, and Dr Azza Abdalmoneim of the Doha International Family Institute.
Participants confirmed the need for reliable and up-to-date scientific data that gives insight into the youth experience in Qatar, as well as how public sector efforts in Qatar might be targeted to assist critical transitions between schooling, employment, and marriage. They also emphasised the importance of another key focus of the project, which is gender roles in Qatar and their impact on human development.
The attendees lauded the unique and innovative scientific approach taken by the study, which will implement a panel study carried out across two waves. The same set of Qatari youth respondents will first be interviewed in a preliminary survey and then re-contacted approximately 12-18 months later for a second interview. This methodology allows the research team to identify trends within the population as well as to focus on the causal effects of economic, educational, and personal “shocks,” or difficult-to-predict events that took place in the time between the surveys.
The telephone survey will provide a wide-ranging picture of issues pertaining to youth empowerment, personal well-being, and attitudes toward different types of educational, employment, and social developments in the lives of Qatari young adults.
The Qatari Youth Survey is the latest of a number of survey-based research projects currently being conducted by the Sesri Policy Department to help inform evidence-based decision-making in Qatar.