The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) announced Monday that 80% of the total development works on Losail International Circuit has been completed. This project has contributed massively to the success of The Grand Prix of Qatar, which is the first phase of MotoGP World Championship 2021, Ashghal said in a press statement Monday. The most important works accomplished include the design and implementation of lighting system for the racetrack, and rider equipping rooms.

Eng. Ali Ibrahim Ashkanani
On this occasion, Eng. Ali Ibrahim Ashkanani, Head of the Northern Areas Section in the Roads Projects Department in Ashghal, stressed the importance of the project due to Losail International Circuit being a global interface that hosts mechanical sports. In addition, it places Qatar on the map as a central sports destination that attracts the most important events to continuously prove its ability to host and organize the largest global and regional sporting events with a high level of competence.

Eng. Hamad Al Badr

Eng. Hamad Al Badr, the project engineer, stated that the project consists of two phases to rehabilitate the circuit to host the MotoGP World Championship 2021. Therefore, Ashghal was keen to complete the developmental works of the first phase ahead of the scheduled date; hence, the project completion rate reached 80% of the total developmental works.

The project includes the design and implementation of a lighting system in accordance with international requirements, standards and design requirements of the FIA (International Motorcycle Federation) and FIM (International Motorcycle Federation). In addition to the design and implementation of equipping rooms for the riders in line with international rules and requirements. These developmental works contributed massively to the success of The Grand Prix of Qatar, which was held over a period of three days, from Friday March 26th 2021, leading up to hosting the next rounds of MotoGP World Championship at Losail International Circuit on April 2, 3 and 4, 2021.

The developmental works that have been implemented so far consists of supplying and installing the latest lighting systems for circuits in the world. It is worth mentioning that 542 lighting poles and 3,703 lighting units (LED) have been installed, in addition to designing a new building with equipping rooms that consists of 12 rooms with an area of 1,450 m2. In addition, a design of the staff accommodation building has been completed and will be implemented as part of the project’s second phase.
Phase 2 which is underway includes the implementation of a two-story accommodation building for employees with an area of 2,200 m2. The building contains service and recreational facilities, such as, a social club, a fitness centre, football and basketball courts. In addition, this phase includes the removal of the existing petrol station and rebuilding a new station in accordance with WOQOD requirements and standards. As it will provide all necessary services for LCSC users, while providing them with the necessary fuel.
It is worth noting that Ashghal is keen on supporting local products and Qatari manufacturers, as many Qatari materials were used in the circuit’s developmental works. Such as in concrete works, insulation and finishing, as well as various elevators and doors that were used in the construction of the new buildings.

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