Now, as a new decade has dawn, the cycle has begun all over again. What will lawn look like in the 2020s especially now after an year of casual stay at home attire. The summer’s heating up and with temperature on the rise —it’s time now to break out easy, sweet summer lawn if you haven’t already. After an entire year of sweatpants and pajamas, the need to balance glimmer, shine and luxury appeal is the order of the day.

Fahad Hussayn has returned to the fashion scene and this time he’s here to stay and his new Luxury Lawn Collection caterwauls the same. His collection ‘Shaj’rahh’ is out and this time it doesn’t just say lawn, it says luxe lawn featuring a hoopla of intricate embroideries. This guy really owns what he is doing and he has expansion on his mind this very time.

The fashion film for the same features actress Noor Zafar Khan and the story weaves around the celebration of heritage, and love. It’s a beautiful film, but for me it doesn’t top Fahad’s last Mera Jora which featured Iqra Aziz in the backdrop of wedding festivities, but that’s understandable. The two feature and target an entirely different market segment. One is supposed to be bling and high octane and the other ought to take on a subtle route.

In terms of designs and what’s new, the collection features 12 different ensembles interplayed and woven in vibrant and pastel hues featuring tribal motifs, baroque elements, and nature or architecture driven imagery, all very different yet fusing together to create the perfect design rhythm.

Despite the umpteen designers who’ve signed with umpteen textile mills with vast resources at their disposal, the event of the year remains Fahad Hussayn’s lawn this very time. No one puts the kind of effort he does in his fabric and campaign, not just lawn but basically his every silhouette, especially the wedding wear. The loyalists keep coming back for the quality; he ensures pure fabric — the lawn itself wears well and lasts.

“I believe that summer wardrobe for Pakistani women is all about lawn, it’s been like that for as long as I remember, I look at it as more of a tradition than just another outfit, it’s an exchange of sentiments, a symbol of love and respect between family and friends,” says Hussayn.

Talking about where he drew the inspiration from, he says, “While working on this series I stumbled across lots of photos from the late 80s where all the women in the house were wearing the same designs on Eid. To me: nothing spells unity more than that, I thought I should tap back the same tradition and put it out there, hopefully it will bring back lots of old memories or perhaps will build new ones,” Hussayn says.

Meanwhile when you check Fahad’s fashion film and the collection — think of traditional cuts and motifs. Granted, his lawn is huge, but his destination is bigger. If you don’t trust me on that, just imagine how within a day of the launch of the collection his various designs went out of stock and he had to restock because the demand seemed to be soaring.