A major retailer of the region, LuLu Hypermarket, has reinstated a series of strict Covid-19 protocols based on directives from the government for the safety of shoppers and staff alike, considering the recent reports on the challenges posed by the pandemic.
Enhanced cleaning and hygiene protocols have been put in place to ensure a safe and healthy shopping environment for customers since the start of the pandemic. "Although the situation is very much under control, it was advised by the management not to lower the guard and take all possible measures to meet the standards of health and hygiene," the retailer said in a press statement.

Trolleys being sanitised at a LuLu outlet

LuLu Group has organised a massive campaign named 'Your Health is in your Hands', aiming to promote awareness of hand hygiene among customers, employees and the general public, and implemented a series of Covid-19 protocols at its stores. These include social distancing guidelines by placing signages at vantage points inside the stores, pre-packed supply of vegetables, fruits, roastery, cheese, meat and bakery, display of essential items at multiple locations of the store to avoid crowding, cashless payment option at checkouts, dedicated checkouts for the elderly and vulnerable shoppers, enhanced e-commerce services such as dedicated online delivery, ‘Express Delivery’ option for a same-day delivery and the ‘Click and Collect’ option for a store pick-up service through its online shopping platform.
Unlike other online players, LuLu Hypermarket is offering more than 25,000 products online, the statement notes.
A campaign titled ‘Shop safe and Stay healthy’ was organised in the interim whereby LuLu urged its customers and employees not to lower their guard. Well-trained safety marshals deployed in each aisle of the stores were entrusted to monitor the customer flow and make sure that health and safety standards were observed strictly in the stores.
The safety marshals stationed at the entrance of the store were assigned to provide sanitised baskets/trolleys to customers as they entered the store. These safety measures have been put in place by the LuLu management in alignment with guidelines from the Ministry of Public Health to safeguard the health and wellness of the society at large.
Awareness of the necessity of washing hands, minimal family presence at the store while shopping and temporary suspension of the best practice of reusable bags, etc, are imparted to shoppers. LuLu has also emphasised that shoppers should not bring children below 12 years of age, as well as avoid bringing the elderly as far as possible, while also advising them to do their shopping fast and leave the outlet quickly to ensure safety.
Further, it has installed protective screens at checkouts to safeguard both the customers and staff.
LuLu Hypermarket was the first retailer who implemented the practice of continuous and thorough mechanised cleaning and sanitisation of all shared surfaces and touch points at hypermarkets, such as shopping trolley handles, baskets, handrails of the travellators and lifts, washrooms and common areas, constant ‘in and out’ thermal scanning procedure for workers and fixing of transparent protective shields at the checkouts for the protection of cashiers and customers alike, the statement continued.
The management of LuLu Groupsaid they have more than two months’ stock of all essential products to ensure uninterrupted supplies to shoppers.
"LuLu’s entire staff is committed to help the community with abundant supply of essential food, consumer goods and hygiene products, like masks and sanitisers. As a responsible retailer, the LuLu management has taken all measures to shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding shoppers and its staff," the statement added.