The Qatar International Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration (Qicca) at Qatar Chamber kicks off Sunday the activities for ‘Legal Week’, which will run until April 1 through video conferencing.
The theme for the first day is ‘Islamic banks and means of dispute settlement’. The sessions will be moderated by Dr Asma al-Qarahdaghi featuring speakers, such as Dr Ali Mohi Eddin al-Qaradaghi, who will speak on the pros and cons of arbitration in Islamic banks.
Also, Dr Abdel Salam Balaji will talk about the experience of Islamic banks in Morocco with a reading in the banking law, and Dr Ashraf Mohamed Doulieh will discuss the development of Islamic products, while Dr Shaaban Mohamed Islam Barwazi will review the legal instruments and controls and their effects on the infrastructure.
The second day titled ‘Arbitration Updates in the State of Qatar’, will focus on a discussion on emergency arbitration by lawyer Lahdan al-Mohannadi, in which Dr Mona al-Marzouki will speak about ‘Judicial Applications on Qatari Arbitration Law’. Lawyer Issa al-Sulaiti, on the other hand, will review nullity of arbitration award, while engineer Khalid bin Ahmed Mubarak al-Nasr will discuss practical problems in free arbitration in Qatar. The sessions will be moderated by Dr Mansour al-Saadi.
The discussions of the third day will focus on ‘the features of arbitration in the Arab world’ featuring Dr Riyadh Fakhry, who will speak about online arbitration during Covid-19.
Also, Dr Abdelbaset Mohamed Abdelwasea will review Covid-19 and the arbitration agreement, and lawyer Ahmed al-Werfalli will focus on the arbitration dispute, while Dr Yousef al-Sulaili will talk about Arabic arbitration and foreign investment. Ibrahim Shahbeek, Qicca’s assistant secretary-general, will moderate the discussions.
The fourth day will focus on arbitration practice updates in Qatar, in which Claudia al-Hajj will talk about the Qatari court’s position on arbitration. Jonathan Packer will discuss virtual hearing and Pamela MacDonald will speak on recent trends influencing the arbitration industry in Qatar, while Thomas Williams will discuss the costs of arbitration. Matthew Faubin, meanwhile, will focus on the enforcement of foreign judgment. The sessions will be moderated by Qicca counselor Dr Minas Khachadurian.
The sessions on the fifth day, which carries the theme ‘Legal laws and cybersecurity requirements, will be moderated by Dr Dia Noaman. The speakers include Dr Yasser al-Lami, who will talk about the protection of personal data between reality and expectations.
Dr Mona Kamel Turki will talk about legal controls on legal security, and Dr Abdul Monem Abdul Hafez will review the effects on cybercrimes in Arab countries, while Dr Omar al-Khatayba will discuss rehabilitation of lawyers and the impact of this on the cybersecurity of justice.