Inspired by traditional beauty and modern elegance, luxury Italian fashion house Esme Vie’s latest Spring Summer 21 collection embodies the pursuit of the beauty inspired by their muse, Amal Ameen.
She is a Qatari entrepreneur "who portrays to perfection the Esme Vie woman: bold elegance and timeless beauty interweaved by the kindest heart we have ever known", according to a press statement from Esme Vie.
"The four pieces were inspired of what our muse will wear for different occasions. The collection inspired by her is every bit the perfect ode to femininity, capturing the essence of

Amal day dress
luxury by marrying the simple silhouettes with a touch of wearable art," it explains.
The Amal day dress in white, her favourite colour as it reflects the pure heart she has, is what she would wear for a perfect afternoon tea on the terrace of the Museum of Islamic

Amal Ball gown
Art. "That perfect moment where the sun touches the sea with the perfect Doha sky colours. We picture our muse seating just as a piece of art with this simple yet elegant dress with a beautiful handmade flower brooch in silk.
"The Amal plissè dress is our masterpiece dedicated to her in a very conceptual way. This couture piece embraces what she is: free. Inspired by her never-ending voyage, travelling

 Fashion icon Amal Ameen
first Qatari muse of Esme Vie

Luxury Italian fashion house Esme Vie believes that Qatari entrepreneur Amal Ameen portrays to perfection the Esme Vie woman: "bold elegance and timeless beauty interviewed by the kindest heart we have ever known”.
Fashion icon Amal Ameen is the first Qatari muse of Esme Vie.
Amal Ameen al-Mehain graduated in 2004 from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar, and holds a bachelor of fine arts and interior design. Also, she has an advanced certificate in Arts, Communication, Etiquette and Protocol that has allowed her to manage multiple events along her career.
For the last years, Amal Ameen has built her own empire and a reputation in the international fashion weeks worldwide due to the launch of the fashion division of her group: Triple Trend Design House. "With the success of La Boutique Blanche and Amici di Moda and due to the recognition of her work among the fashion scene elite, it does not come as a surprise that a brand like Esme Vie wishes to look into her image as a point of inspiration for the coming collection,' the fashion house has said in a statement.
"Amal Ameen is not only an inspiration for Esme Vie but also to young generations of Qatari women. The coming collection reflects the elegance and sophistication of her personality and the impact she has around her and in the fashion world," it adds.

all around the world’s most beautiful places, gazing and collecting like a bird, it’s treasures to bring back to her beloved Doha all the avant-garde of fashion and style to her distinct clientele.
"The Amal Cala dress, inspired by her simple and humble elegance, portrays what she will wear to a dinner. "With no need to overshow nothing but timeless beauty with a simple look made with the world’s most precious silk, turning the dress into a masterpiece as the silk it’s the luxury itself," the statement adds.
The Amal Ball gown was the first piece conceived for her as the muse. "It is a vision of royalty, elegancy itself. It is what our dear Amal will wear to a Ball, a gown paired with a piece of her diamond collection. It’s couture silk in lilac dream, elegantly imponent but smoothened with a light colour," Esme Vie added.