The General Directorate of Traffic referred 16 people to the Public Prosecution for legal action after they committed a violation by covering their vehicle licence plates in the Sealine area, between February 13 and March 13, besides taking measures against 45 other vehicles.
In a statement, the General Directorate of Traffic warned against covering a vehicle's licence plate in any way to evade traffic control after committing serious traffic violations such as excessive speeding and reckless driving. The directorate stressed that it would not tolerate such wrong traffic behaviours that threatened everyone's safety and security.
It emphasised that campaigns to arrest violators carried out by military and civilian traffic patrols were continuing in all regions of the country, especially in camping areas, to curb such wrong behaviours that might result in traffic accidents.
The General Directorate of Traffic indicated that covering a vehicle plate is one of the violations that cannot be reconciled, and the offender is transferred to the Public Prosecution after seizing the vehicle.
It underlined the importance of placing vehicle licence plates correctly so that they are clear to policemen and road users, while calling on everyone to adhere to traffic rules and avoid wrong behaviours, use vehicles as mentioned under the provisions of the Traffic Law, and promptly report any traffic behaviour against the law via Metrash2.
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