A quick weekend getaway at one of the pristine beaches or a walk through heritage sites is always an option for Qatar residents to help themselves relax and unwind.
Most residents opt for a drive out of the city to explore outer Doha. This, they do with family or friends and in a group of like-minded people.
Sanchari Qatar is one such group of travel enthusiasts.
However, what makes this group special is a host of factors.
They promote traveling while focusing on preserving nature and helping underprivileged people travel and explore by organising affordable trips.
“Our motto is Travel with Nature and we do justice to this by exploring while ensuring our activities cause no any harm to the nature,"says Hafeezullah K V, one of the key functionaries of Sanchari Qatar.
The group was formed by expatriates as a chapter of Kerala-based Sanchari group that has more than 60,000 members across the world.
Formed in 2015, Sanchari has so far organised 18 trips attended by families as well as bachelors.
Initially, the functions started with morning walks that later grew to include trips.
A core team identifies a place and ensures it has optimum facilities by holding a field visit ahead of the trip.
A date is announced and the message is disseminated through the group's social media platform.
“We try to make our trips affordable and cost effective by planning properly and taking expert advice. The duties are decided among the members and vehicles are arranged. Group members help each other meet transportation requirements," Hafeezullah disclosed.
The group ensures no waste is littered at the sites visited and holds a cleanliness drive in order to stress the message of environmental protection.
During some trips, experts are invited to hold talks on the preserving nature.
In a bid to encourage enthusiasts, the group holds travelogue writing contests in which the best writers are given prizes.
Sanchari has a passion for exploring new and less frequented places. “We explored the Azerbaijani beach at Al Shamal before it became a favourite spot for weekend tourism," he said.
Tips are shared on social media platforms after every trip is held in order to help tourists select destinations and reach them easily.
Sanchari is planning a slew of programmes to promote travelling while helping underprivileged expats explore Qatar. “There are people who never go for a drive in Qatar. Some are least aware and interested while others are unable to afford trips. We are looking to help such residents while organising exclusive trips for them," he said.
The plan is to select such residents,arrange transportation and take them to tourist destinations within and outside of Doha.
The plan includes introducing them to facilities like Doha Metro. “The plan had been in the making and steps had been completed but it was put on hold after Covid-19 pandemic," Hafeezullah said expressing confidence of implementing the plan soon.
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