Qatar called for the need to continue documenting violations and crimes in Syria, and welcomed all efforts made at all levels to ensure accountability for all those responsible for the violations and crimes committed against the Syrian people. This came in the statement of Qatar delivered by HE Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations Office in Geneva Ambassador Ali Khalfan al-Mansouri, at the Human Rights Council during the interactive dialogue with the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic.
HE al-Mansouri said that 10 years have passed and the Syrian people are still struggling to achieve justice, freedom and dignity, and they find nothing but death, destruction and displacement, under a regime that sought to transform the peaceful revolution into an armed conflict, in which many gross violations of human rights and the most heinous crimes were committed. He noted that the regime attacked the Syrian people with internationally prohibited chemical weapons, targeted hospitals and civilian facilities, and deliberately used arbitrary detention and torture, for the sole purpose of staying in power even if the price was the life and livelihood of millions of innocent Syrians.
HE al-Mansouri reiterated Qatar's assertion that the Syrian regime and its allies' insistence on obstructing efforts to reach a political solution based on Geneva 1 Statement and Resolution 2254, thwarting the work of the Constitutional Committee, and proceeding with the military solution, has led to a significant deterioration in the human rights situation and an increase in instability in the region, and contributed to creating new humanitarian, economic and social challenges, especially in light of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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