Diabetes education programme marks 6-year partnership between CNA-Q, HMC
March 08 2021 10:44 PM
The initiative is an important step in actively responding to the diabetes health challenge in Qatar
The initiative is an important step in actively responding to the diabetes health challenge in Qatar.

The Continuing and Professional Education department at College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q) is joining hands with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) for the sixth year to offer 'The Fundamentals of Diabetes Education' programme.
The programme includes tailored courses that provide HMC employees with the necessary skills and knowledge required to specialise in the field of diabetes education, and contribute to Qatar’s National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2022.

College of the North Atlantic – Qatar
The initiative is an important step in actively responding to the diabetes health challenge in Qatar, CNA-Q has said in a statement.
Professionals taking part in this programme will acquire a solid foundation in diabetes-care management and will have the chance to practise and apply their knowledge in a safe environment. Further, participants will be trained on how to interact with patients of all ages and from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
Dr Salem Al-Naemi, CNA-Q president, said: “We are pleased to join forces with HMC and keep offering this valuable programme. This training was developed to answer a need in the healthcare sector, and is a step in the direction of implementing the National Diabetes Strategy. We take pride in honourably supporting the healthcare sector to raise awareness about diabetes, and develop the patient's ability to engage and self-manage their disease.”
Dr Suhaim Khalaf al-Josaiman, manager of CNA-Q’s Continuing and Professional Education, said: “'The Fundamentals of Diabetes Education' will give participants the necessary tools to plan, deliver and evaluate patient education. It is a live example of why we established the department in the first place. Our aim is to deliver flexible trainings that support organisations’ need and offer their teams development pathways.”
The programme embodies four major units for a total of 132 hours. It offers two courses about understanding and managing diabetes, while the two others tackle diabetes in special populations and principles of diabetes education.
Professor Abdul-Badi Abou-Samra, director of the Qatar Metabolic Institute, HMC, and co-chair of the National Diabetes Committee, Ministry of Public Health, said: “Diabetes is a major public health issue in Qatar, it affects 17% of adults and requires a multi-
disciplinary approach for its management. Diabetes educators are an important part of the treatment team. This training programme is an answer to the action plan set by Qatar National Diabetes Strategy. The latter encouraged the increase of diabetes educators and the necessity to equip them with the right training and knowledge to support the delivery of our comprehensive diabetes services.”
Manal Othman, director of Diabetes Education at HMC and co-chair of patient empowerment - National Diabetes Strategy, added: “Diabetes self-management is a key element in the trainings curricula. Diabetes educators are being taught how to seamlessly approach patients, educate them about their condition and how to help them take control of their own care. Such initiative improves the patient’s quality of life and reduces the burden of diabetes medical care on the health system."
During the programme, CNA-Q invites many speakers to share their experience with the participants and discuss many subjects such as neuropathy, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, paediatric and adolescent diabetes and gestational diabetes. Courses also focus on developing communications skills required during emergencies and critical issues, in addition to applying fundamental principles of integrity; objectivity; ethical and professional competence.

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