Qatar Charity (QC) said its field teams continue distributing aid to the internally displaced within Syria as part of its Qatar Relief Conveys drive.
The number of trucks loaded with assistance has so far reached 104, according to a press statement by QC.
The beneficiaries expressed delight with the aid delivered to them, thanking the benefactors in Qatar for supporting them and alleviating their suffering in these challenging circumstances.

Ahmed Ismail, director of the Al-Nour camp located in Harem district of Idlib Governorate, Syria, said: “The majority of those living in the camp were displaced many years ago and are unable to continue their work, which has worsened their living condition, especially in terms of meeting their winter needs and securing food.”
He described the Qatar Relief Coveys as a great gift for the displaced, 90% of whom are unable to secure their daily bread and meet the basic needs of their children.
Some 104 trucks have so far been sent to provide aid for displaced Syrians, carrying food parcels sufficient for one family for a month, meals, more than 3,000 tonnes of flour and hygiene items for personal and household use, the statement notes.
The aid also included 25 residential caravans, which benefited 25 families of widows, orphans and persons with special needs, in addition to the distribution of tents.
Suhaib Abdel Qaddour, director of the Ikhals camp where 380 families live, thanked QC for delivering the assistance, hoping for the implementation of similar projects, which would help shift the families to better housing units that would protect them from the cold and the heat.
Qatar Charity has launched the Qatar Relief Coveys as part of its winter campaign, ‘Warmth and Peace, urging benefactors to support the drive to maximise the number of beneficiaries, including refugees, the displaced and the affected.

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