Farmers sound alarm over wave of suicides
March 05 2021 02:00 AM
French farmers stage a protest outside parliament at the Place des Invalides in Paris. They also hung inflatable dolls dressed in overalls from trees (not shown) to highlight the growing number of suicides.


A group of French farmers hung inflatable dolls dressed in overalls from trees outside parliament in Paris yesterday to highlight the growing number of suicides in a profession struggling with debt.
According to the MSA social security agency for agriculture workers, 372 French farmers took their own lives in 2015, the most recent year for which it provides figures – a rate 20% higher than in the general population.
Beef producers and dairy farmers are the worst affected, the figures showed.
The Co-ordination Rurale farming union estimates that 1,500 farmers go bankrupt each year out of the 400,000 in France.
Many producers complain they cannot get a fair price for their goods.
Others argue that the pressure from environmentalists to cut back pesticide use is harming yields.
Around 70 farmers took part yesterday’s protest.
Addressing the gathering, Co-ordination Rurale’s deputy president, vegetable producer Sebastien Heraud, accused the French government of abandoning farmers to “the gallows of globalisation”.

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