MoI celebrates Civil Defence Day
March 04 2021 10:35 PM
The General Directorate of Civil Defence has been an integral part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Safety
The General Directorate of Civil Defence has been an integral part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Safety and Security Operations Committee, in the field of securing stadium facilities and their compliance with internationally applicable safety regulations.


The Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Directorate of Civil Defence, celebrated World Civil Defence Day, which falls on March 1. The celebration of this event aims to emphasise the efforts of the civil defence personnel in protecting property and lives, strengthening the foundations of public safety and its reflection on the national economy.
On this occasion, Director-General of the General Directorate of Civil Defence Brigadier General Hamad Othman al-Dehaimi said that the member states of the International Civil Defence Organisation have been celebrating the World Civil Defence Day on the first of March every year, in appreciation of the great efforts made by the civil defence agencies to maintain security and safety. Al-Dehaimi added that this year's celebration will be held under the slogan -- The Civil Defence Force in protecting the National Economy -- to signify the importance of the work of civil defence and its close link with the strength of the national economy.
Al-Dehaimi said there is no doubt that the economy of any country or the work of any investor relies heavily on securing work fields by the civil protection to ensure continuity and the absence of any emergency that could stop work and risk loss. He further pointed out that this year's slogan reflects the role of civil defence in protecting facilities such as football stadiums, factories, hotels, and buildings, in addition to securing all aspects of trade and investment in its various fields.
Brigadier al-Dehaimi noted that the General Directorate of Civil Defence has been an integral part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Safety and Security Operations Committee, in the field of securing tournament stadium facilities and their compliance with internationally applicable safety regulations and their conformity with the Civil Defence Law, indicating continuous co-ordination between the administration and the authorities responsible for the construction of the World Cup facilities. He added that the General Directorate of Civil Defence covers or secures stadiums and prepares qualified cadres to deal with emergency situations during matches and events, whether in the stadiums or in the headquarters of the participating teams, fans' areas and training grounds.
Brigadier al-Dehaimi emphasised the experiences gained by the directorate through its dealings with various sporting events in the country and abroad and added that the directorate also sent a number of officers to attend international tournaments to gain further expertise, including to World Cup 2018 in Russia. He said that he was pleased with the experience gained by various teams from helping in the organisation of the FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar.
Brigadier al-Dehaimi praised the role of the Ras Laffan Emergency and Safety College and its contribution to providing the directorate with qualified engineering cadres to work in the field of civil defence, who hold a certificate in emergency and disaster management, as well as specialists in fire and safety engineering and other specialisations. He stressed that the Civil Defence Department keeps abreast of the comprehensive developments and renaissance in the country through continuous training and qualification for its employees in cooperation with Ras Laffan College for Emergency and Safety.
Brigadier al-Dehaimi expressed his appreciation of the great co-operation between all parties participating in the evacuation training, which aims to increase awareness of safety procedures and train workers in various agencies on how to face fires and emphasise readiness. He pointed out that the Civil Defence Directorate participated in the exercises at the railway stations under the supervision of the Public Transport Security Department to determine the measures taken to secure the stations, in co-operation with a number of concerned authorities.
He also announced the inauguration of two new cars for use in rescue and rapid intervention operations. One of these new cars is intended for rapid intervention, and another is being used for the first time in Qatar and is intended for rescue operations, whether from collapses or various accidents. Brigadier al-Dehaimi explained that such new mechanisms help the working teams in carrying out their work and facilitate their movement and speed in their response to accidents. It also meets the immediate needs of the civil defence work and works to strengthen the administration's modern fleet.
He concluded his speech marking the occasion by calling on the public to pay attention to the issue of safety and urged them to follow the awareness messages that the Ministry of Interior publishes on its website or its platforms on other social networking sites.

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