The Department of Meteorology on Wednesday said in a report that the weather charts indicate that Qatar will be affected by southeasterly to southwesterly wind of light to moderate in speed on Friday leading to a rise in maximum temperatures ranging between 24-32 °C during daytime. The reported added that the winds may shift to northwesterly from fresh to strong in speed over most areas from Friday afternoon until Sunday where the wind speed will be ranging from 14-24kt gusting to 30kt in some areas and the wave height can be ranging between 6-10ft and rising to 13ft in some areas sometimes.

The weather will be mild during daytime with blowing dust to dusty sometimes especially in the open areas of the country, the Met report said. This will cause slight decrease in temperatures from Friday night where the minimum temperatures will be ranging between 10-18 'C in various regions of the country during the weekend while the apparent temperatures will be less than that due to the fresh northwesterly wind and the maximum will range between 21-26 ° C.

The Meteorological Department called on everyone to be careful and to avoid all marine activities during this period as well as to follow the weather updates through our official accounts.

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