Qatar University’s (QU) College of Pharmacy has conducted novel research in investigating the use of ‘lecture capture’, a system that records classroom lectures and makes them available after class.
The research highlights the College's keenness to study progression towards technology-enhanced learning in the region. The study investigates the use of 'lecture capture' within the undergraduate pharmacy programme at QU and examines how the technology is being
used by students at different levels of the curriculum (prior to Covid-19), the university has said in a statement.
Faculty members of the College of Pharmacy, Dr Abdelali Agouni, associate professor; Reem al-Mannai, teaching assistant of Clinical Pharmacy and Practice; Farhat Naz Hussain, teaching assistant of Pharmaceutical Sciences; and Dr Mohamed Diab, dean of the College
of Pharmacy, recently published the study of 'lecture capture' in the prestigious journal, 'International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education'.
The study showed that junior students viewed 'lecture capture' recordings most frequently, particularly at the start of the academic year, highlighting the importance of this technology in supporting the integration of new students into the challenging pharmacy curriculum.
The research team also conducted a follow-up study that is yet to be published, in which they quantitatively analysed and evaluated the use of archived lecture recordings by undergraduate pharmacy students during the emergency switch to distance-based learning. Research findings showed that the lecture recordings positively supported students during the transitional period.
Commenting on the benefits of this form of technology in learning, Dr Agouni said: “The efforts that Qatar University has initiated in the past decade to spread the use of the most innovative learning and teaching technologies and tools, which include equipping classrooms with state-of-the-art 'lecture capture' systems, and the availability of the latest platforms for live teaching and video conferencing has helped the rapid and very efficient transition of the university from face-to-face teaching to a high quality distance-based learning mode.”
QU stressed that it "continuously showcases the importance of investing in educational technology and encouraging its use to empower educational institutions to continue offering high-quality education to its students even in an unprecedented situation such as during the Covid-19 pandemic".
Dr Diab said, “For over 10 years, Qatar University has made the effort to link technology with the way students learn. Faculty and students were already familiar with and trained to use many platforms, which has greatly facilitated the immediate switch to online teaching during Covid-19.
“The availability of lecture archives from past academic years for most undergraduate courses at the College meant that students were immediately directed to archives while the College rapidly engaged in resuming live teaching using various platforms, ensuring the continuity of our process. Qatar University is standing out regionally and internationally as a forward-thinking educational institution that accepts no less than excellence.”
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