Qatar University restructures pharmacy curriculum
February 25 2021 12:33 AM
QU students working in lab
QU students working in lab

Qatar University Board of Regents has approved restructuring of the pharmacy curriculum to align with the latest developments in pharmacy education globally and in North America, Europe and New Zealand.
Qatar University College of Pharmacy (QU-CPH) has set out to introduce curricular reform and upgrade the level of curricular integration into the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSc Pharm) programme.
The BSc Pharm programme currently consists of 173 credit hours and five years of study.
With the new approved modular curriculum, students will complete 165 credit hours in five years of study, with a programme that provides graduating students a better approach to patient-centred care, enriches the student experience, optimises integration between courses and updates the overall assessment plan.
The number of experiential hours completed by the students remains the same.
A series of eight (four credits) modular systems-based courses will be part of the new curriculum. These modules cover different diseases and medications management including cardiology, oncology, respiratory, infectious diseases, endocrinology, and others.
These courses will integrate at high level the different disciplines including pathophysiology, pharmacology and pharmacotherapy rather than having them a separate courses to avoid repetition and redundancies within the programme.
International experts were invited to share their experience in integrated and modular design and then the proposed changes in the curriculum were shared with three international consultants for review and feedback. The current curriculum will be phased out gradually and the new curriculum will start from September 2021.
QU-CPH dean Dr Mohamed Diab said, “No doubt that the restructuring of CPH BSc Modular Curriculum as well as the relaunch and restructuring of the part time PharmD Programme will open new gates, chances and doors of learning to our respected students. This is a huge achievement and milestone for the College of Pharmacy. This reflects our commitment to our mission to always prepare our students to provide optimal pharmaceutical care and advance health care outcomes. Moreover, we are always proud to align with QU strategy of excellence, valuable initiatives and interest in academic development.”
QU-CPH associate dean, Academic Affairs Dr Maguy El Hajj commented, “It is a huge accomplishment in pharmacy education and practice in Qatar, and the region. The new curriculum aligns very well with QU vision, mission and strategic goals. It will definitely promote a greater approach for patient centred care in Qatar and will enrich the students experience and achievement of the pharmacy programme outcomes.”
In addition, the Board of Regents approved the relaunch and restructuring of the qualifying courses within the part-time Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) programme.
The part-time PharmD programme targets practising pharmacists with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in clinical pharmacy. The newly-restructured qualifying courses were reduced from 11 courses (23 credits) to eight courses (20 credits) and will integrate a blended learning approach with online and face-to-face sessions that will provide flexibility to complete the courses over one-to-two-year period prior to entering the PharmD programme. The part-time PharmD programme will commence in August 2022 and begin accepting applications in Fall 2021.
“The restructuring is aligned with Qatar University’s strategic goals and the mission of the College of Pharmacy to advance the pharmacy profession while improving the quality of health provided to the Qatari society. With the restructuring of the qualifying courses, pharmacists will benefit as the learning will be tailored to their individual needs and foster independent, self-study to allow flexibility to pursue an advanced degree while continuing to practice as a pharmacist,” Doctor of Pharmacy director, Dr Bridget Javed added.

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