More rain forecast, followed by drop in temperature: Met
February 24 2021 12:18 AM
Rain in Doha Tuesday. PICTURES: Jayaram
Rain in Doha Tuesday. PICTURES: Jayaram

* Windy conditions will continue during weekend
* Thunderstorms expected Wednesday along with sudden strong winds

The country is expected to see more rain until Thursday night, with strong winds and a significant drop in temperature also forecast in the coming days.
In a report on social media Tuesday, the Qatar Met department said "it is expected that the chances of scattered rain will continue in intermittent periods and with variable intensity until Thursday night".

The rain may turn thundery in some areas, accompanied by sudden strong winds at times, while the marine warning will continue with the wave height rising to over 8’.
Fresh northwesterly winds are expected from midday Thursday, becoming strong in some areas and continuing during the weekend.

The 'last cold wave'

The Qatar Met department Tuesday said the Bard Al Ajouz period, which involves the "last cold wave" of the winter, usually begins at the end of February and continues until the first week of March.
Translated as the "old woman's cold", Bard Al Ajouz is marked by a sudden drop in temperature after it has risen significantly.
The name Bard Al Ajouz comes from a folklore about an old woman who was in a hurry to shear her sheep, as she was confident that the winter had ended.
Suddenly, a cold northern wind blew and the sheep died.

The wind speed will range from 12-22 knots with gusts reaching 28 knots at times both inshore and offshore, the report states, adding that the wave height will vary between 4’ and 7’, and rise to 10’ in some areas occasionally.
A significant drop in temperature is expected from Thursday evening, with the minimum ranging from 12-19C and dropping below that in the external and open areas of the country.
The maximum will vary between 20C and 26C.
The Met department has urged everyone to be careful and avoid marine activities during the warning period.
Wednesday's forecast says thunderstorms are expected in the country along with sudden strong winds.
The weather office has also issued a warning for thundery rain, windy conditions and high seas in the offshore areas Wednesday.
The wind speed may go up to 30 knots offshore and 21 knots inshore during thundershowers Wednesday, with the sea level rising to 10’.
The detailed forecast says moderate temperature is expected during the daytime along with cloudy conditions at times, and there is a chance of scattered rain that may be thundery at times.
It will be relatively cold by night.
Cloudy conditions are likely offshore and there is a possibility of scattered rain, which may become thundery at times, according to the Met department.
The temperature is expected to range from 20-25C in Doha Wednesday.
In a tweet Tuesday, the weather office said the chances of rain are expected to improve Wednesday, which may become thundery in some areas accompanied by strong winds at times.
"Please be careful and avoid all marine activities," it added.
Doha and other parts of the country experienced cloudy conditions and some rain Tuesday morning.
"The country is witnessing a cloudy and rainy morning with moderate to fresh northwesterly-northeasterly winds reaching strong offshore, marine warnings still in effect," the Met department said in a tweet.

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