Expert to talk about role of money in marriage at Difi workshop
February 21 2021 07:43 PM
Abdulla Ahmad al-Mansoori.
Abdulla Ahmad al-Mansoori

Doha International Family Institute (Difi) has organised a workshop on financial responsibilities within marriage to help couples.
The workshop is the third event held as part of a series curated by Difi, a member of Qatar Foundation (QF) to broaden conversation on crucial conditions that affect marital formation and stability. Taking place online Monday 6pm, the workshop tackles finances within marriage, and uncovers skills and techniques that can help couples manage financial expectations.
Dr Sharifa Noaman al-Emadi, executive director of Difi, said, “Sound financial management plays a crucial role in the success of a marriage, and a couple’s ability to plan short and long-term goals for their family. This workshop provides insight on how couples can communicate about monetary matters and align their expectations and synchronise their financial goals.
“Discussing various family issues and proposing solutions is a part of our approach at Difi. Initiatives like this workshop series and the upcoming international conference help us build networks and share knowledge and best practices that strengthen Arab families.”
The workshop will be conducted by finance and business administration expert, Abdulla Ahmad al-Mansoori, who is the board deputy chairman of the Qatar Association of Certified Public Accountants, and director of Qatar Career Development Centre – also a member of QF.
Al-Mansoori said, “Marriage is a social and economic system that requires wise management and guidance. One of the most important elements of the success of this system is the availability of an organised financial approach that achieves balance between expenditure and savings.
“To develop this approach, implement it effectively, and ensure its success, those about to get married – or those already married – need a set of skills and tools to help them. These tools or skills can be learned and acquired, and a person does not necessarily need to have them before marriage.
“Therefore, such workshops enable participants to learn the basics of these skills and master them ensuring the success of this system.”
The workshop series comes as part of the preparation for Difi’s next virtual international conference, titled Marriage: Formation and Constituents of Stability in cooperation with the League of Arab States.
Difi’s international conference is a platform for researchers, experts, NGO and CSO representatives, and youth from around the world to come together and discuss topics of concern.
The online conference will bring together more than 50 speakers to offer their insights. Through discussion, Difi advocates for the development and implementation of policies, programmes and best practices aimed at preserving the wellbeing and stability of the institution of marriage globally.

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