People with a strong personality have many distinctive qualities, including the following: 
People with a strong personality wish to present the best by focusing on work, mastering it, and trying to overcome the obstacles that may stand in their way, and think about solutions to the difficulties that hinder the way work is done, as how they want it to do, as they do not like to waste time on unhelpful things, as well as they do not respond to unreasonable excuses, and do not tolerate those who give a false excuse with the aim of evading his duty, or justifying his shortcomings, and not trying to accomplish  

Self-confidence and self-esteem:
Self-confidence of the people with this personality shows through the following signs and behaviours: 
1. A person’s good knowledge of himself, not caring on what is said about him, or having feelings of sadness and sorrow because of it.  
2. Self-sufficiency and a sense of contentment, in addition to a person’s awareness of the size of his abilities, lack of aspiration to control, possessing what he does not have, or accomplishing what is not within the limits of his capabilities, but diligence at work and searching for new outlets and opportunities to achieve his goals.  
3. The strength of personality and not shyness, confusion, or fear of loneliness and dependence on others in managing his emotions, surrendering to them, but independence and equilibrium, and not letting his emotions control him in a negative way as well.

Positivity, love of initiative and progress rather than surrender:
The strong ability to adapt and keep abreast of change, manage difficult situations in a positive and distinctive way, and not surrender to reality or loss, as they have high confidence in dealing with dynamic changes, and despite their feeling of fear, it will not be an obstacle to them or a reason for surrender, as they tend to think around the pits and pitfalls, instead of falling into them.
Rational people with a strong personality use their mind in a way almost always in analysing situations, behaviour and decision-making in their lives, and most of them are realistic and not attached to the past, as their mind qualifies them to act with great perception and logic of what is going on around them, through the use of observation, correct intuition, perception, connection, and comparison.  

Empathy, compassion, and helping others:
People with a strong personality believe that they are free and do not owe people around them any favours, and in return they respect the fact that others do not owe them.

Preferring being alone and silence over mingling with those who do not understand them.
People with a strong personality care about their goals and seek to obtain them, and they do not like to waste time with useless gossip, and talking with people who do not arouse their interest. Which does not serve their interests, but on the other hand, they care about the small details that some find useless, but for them it is important in achieving their goals and interests, in addition to that they are skilled in listening in a serious way that confuses the speaker. They like to talk with those with hasty ideas and ignorant judgments that lack thinking and awareness of the meanings they carry, and it is an effective feature for educating others and making them aware of the need to think before speaking out of ignorance and idiocy.
Now that we have a brief on ‘Strong Personality’, don’t you want to have one?

* The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram: @Tipsbyhalahill

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