Qatar's ambassador to Ukraine Hadi bin Nasser al-Hajri praised the development of Qatari-Ukrainian relations in various fields.

He said in an interview with Interfax Ukraine that Qatar and Ukraine have, in recent years, greatly developed the political aspect by intensifying co-ordination and consultation on various regional and international issues and exchanging visits between officials, in addition to the economic level through signed agreements, which are considered as a legal basis for implementing many joint projects and increasing commercial exchange.

He pointed out that there are broad prospects for increasing economic co-operation, and important opportunities in infrastructure, energy security, food security, tourism, sports, education and other sectors. The ambassador considered that the concession project obtained by the Qatari company QTerminals in the Ukrainian Olivia Port is of great importance for the two countries, and is a step that strengthens economic co-operation between Qatari companies and Ukrainian and international companies in general, adding that the project will also support the maritime line operations between the ports of Ukraine and Hamad Port in Qatar.

Al-Hajri referred to the role played by Qatar through its success in mediations that ended many of the region's crises and problems in the past years.He said that Qatari mediation was not limited to Arab affairs, but also extended to the African continent and Asia, such as the mediation between the parties in Afghanistan.

He said Qatar's support for the peace efforts led by the United Nations and the Normandy Format in finding a solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and hoped that Ukraine and its people would live in amity and peace and that all the grief of Ukrainians because of this situation would end.

The ambassador touched on the measures taken by Qatar to confront the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic through preventive measures, enhancing the medical sector and supporting it with human cadres and logistical capabilities, and all ministries and state institutions devoted their efforts to confront the virus.

Al-Hajri pointed out that Qatari aid has reached more than 20 countries around the world, in addition to providing a financial contribution of $140mn to multilateral healthcare institutions working to develop vaccines.

He noted the measures taken by Qatar during the last three years through unprecedented steps in the field of protecting workers' rights, including laws setting a minimum wage that preserves the dignity of the worker and protects him from any extortion that he may be subjected to, as well as facilitating the movement of workers between employers through different laws.

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