The Weather charts indicate that the country will be affected by Southeasterly to Southwesterly wind daytime on Thursday, with wind speeds ranging between 15-25 KT gusting to 30 KT at places at times, the Department of Meteorology said in a tweet Tuesday. The strong winds can cause blowing dust with a rise in maximum temperatures ranging between 25-32 °C while the weather may remain relatively cold at night, Met Dept said. Fresh to strong Northwesterly winds are expected to blow between Thursday evening until the beginning of next week with speed ranging between 12-22 KT with gusts exceeding 28 KT in some areas sometimes inshore and gusting to 33 KT offshore.

The wave height may range between 5-8ft and rises to 11ft at places, and the Northwest winds sometimes can be accompanied by dusty weather with a decrease in temperatures where the maximums expected to range between 19-26 ° C and the minimums between 9-18 ° C while the apparent temperatures  will be less than that, the tweet said.

The amount of clouds are expected to gradually increase in the country over the weekend and the weather will be partly cloudy with chances of scattered rain on Thursday and Friday which may sometimes be thundery offshore.

The Meteorological Department also urged all to be careful and avoid marine activities during this period as well as to follow the latest updates in the weather through its official accounts.
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