Steady growth for young Doha-based Pakistani singer’s online audience
February 12 2021 09:33 PM
Hesham Khan
Hesham Khan

He continues to impress music lovers with his sweet and melodious voice. His love and pop songs have been big hits on YouTube as live singing has not been an option since the novel coronavirus pandemic hit the world.
Humsafar is the latest and third song by 20-year-old Hesham Khan, who is born and brought up in Qatar. The young Pakistani expatriate is an emerging singing talent and increasingly popular YouTuber. As the new song keeps on attracting music lovers on YouTube, his previous song has so far amassed over 250 000 views on YouTube.
His new love genre song in its first week has gathered over 11,000 views as the singer anxiously waits to have some normalcy back to perform live on a stage. Hesham, however, has been taking maximum advantage of spending much of his time at home by writing and composing new songs for YouTube viewers.
“It was in November 2020. I was sitting in my bedroom and playing some rough chords on my guitar. Suddenly, a line got stuck in my mind and I started singing it. I got so connected with the line that I had tears in my eyes. It touched my heart so much so that I relinquished two other projects and started concentrating on Humsafar. It took me 10 days to complete the lyrics,” said Hesham while talking to Gulf Times.
The new piece is a love song with a sweet genre. “I have used guitar and violin for the song. It is about a guy expressing his love for his beloved – a girl with disability. This song is different in many ways from my previous projects. The underlying message of the song is to fight for the fairies that do exist.”
The young talent completed the recent song while he was in Lahore and could not travel back to Doha due to Covid-19 related restrictions. “I shot the video in Lahore and Islamabad. During my stay there, I had enough free time to write, compose and record the song. I released it only after returning to Qatar.”
A graduate from American Academy School Doha, Hesham has been nourishing his love for music since his childhood. “I have always loved listening to music and have been singing since my childhood. Growing up and studying in Qatar has helped me pursue the dream of making my name as a singer. This is the place where I started learning music. I got the chance to meet some talented musicians in Qatar. In my school, I used to sing for my classmates and teachers. It gave me motivation and some exposure. I also played with a young orchestra in 2014 and that gave me a lot of confidence.”
The young singer pursues music as his passion. “I do have plans other than music in my life but I will keep on following the passion. I have certain plans about how to move forward my singing career. I have many projects pending. I do look forward to singing in collaboration with some established names.”
Hesham, who has performed on stage both in Islamabad and Doha, is keen to resume his singing live. “I love singing on the stage in front of a cheering crowd. I miss that. I just want to jump on the stage, hold a mike and sing as loud as I can. I think that is what I am made for.”

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