Ehteraz update to set home quarantine location
February 12 2021 04:36 PM
MoPH launches new  Ehteraz map feature for home quarantine
MoPH launches new Ehteraz map feature for home quarantine

*"Set Quarantine Location" under QR code of Ehteraz when applicable
*Ehteraz update to show vaccination status seven days after last dose
*Vaccination status not to change preventive, precautionary protocols
A new Ehteraz update will enable people to set the location of their home quarantine using a map location function, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) said on Friday.
All individuals who have been placed into home quarantine will be able to use the map/pin drop location functionality within the first 24 hours of their Ehteraz status turning to YELLOW, according to a tweet from the MoPH.
"Set Quarantine Location" will appear under the QR code on the health status page of the App when applicable. This is to be used only in situations either where the Blue Plate address is not available, or in cases where the individual chooses to remain in quarantine in a location other than their primary residence.
If the individual will carry out their quarantine in their primary residence which has a defined Blue Plate, they do not need to use this function on Ehteraz, as their primary residence will automatically be used by Ehteraz. Individuals will only be able to use this function one time, and the location will be locked once used.
All individuals who have received the full course of the Covid-19 vaccination (two doses for the current vaccines in Qatar), will have this displayed on their Ehteraz App seven days after the last dose was administered.
The new status will appear on the health status page of the App as a Golden Frame around the QR code, and a vaccinated stamp image. The QR code may still be any of the four colours depending on the individual's status, but will be surrounded by the Golden Frame if fully vaccinated.
Additionally, there will be a tab called "vaccination" on the App that will show the details of the individual's vaccination, including the dates of the dose/doses as well as the name of the vaccine taken.
"Please note that at this time, this new vaccination status on the Ehteraz does not change any policies or protocols in regard to those set forward by the government of Qatar, meaning all mandates still apply such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and quarantine protocols," the MoPH tweet added.

Last updated: February 12 2021 10:43 PM

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