* Special broadcast of sports activities lined up on social media
* Aspire Zone to close seating and play areas and prevent gatherings
* QF to host array of virtual activities
The 2021 National Sport Day (NSD) will see a mix of safe outdoor activities and a host of online sporting events in view of the Covid-19 situation.
The NSD organisers as well as the health authorities have reiterated the need for people to follow the precautionary and preventive measures while engaging in Sport Day activities tomorrow.
There will be a live broadcast of sports activities on the social media channels of the Qatar Sports for All (QSFA) Federation Tuesday, according to an advertisement published in local media.
Sports exercises and healthy tips will be broadcast for all age groups from 8am to 10am. This will be followed by sports exercises for the elderly from 12noon to 1pm and for all age groups with a focus on women and children from 4pm to 6pm.
The QSFA app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, and the federation can also be followed on Facebook (QatarSportsforAllFederation) as well as Twitter and Instagram (@qasportsforall).
On its part, Qatar Foundation is helping people get into the National Sport Day spirit with online workouts and exercises for children, inspirational talks and inclusive sporting demonstrations.
An array of virtual activities hosted by the organisation will be available for all members of the community to enjoy on the day when Qatar stages a national celebration of sport and wellbeing, opening up opportunities to stay active and embrace a healthy lifestyle while still adhering to health guidelines amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) on Sunday said it has decided to close the seating and play areas at the park and prevent gatherings on National Sport Day. The decision is based on public health indicators and for everyone's safety, AZF tweeted.
Sports activities should be individual and carried out with a commitment to safe distancing, it added.
Meanwhile, the general guidance for NSD activities, as mentioned in the advertisement issued by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, QSFA and the NSD organisers, includes the following points:
* Avoid physical contact: close interaction with other people, such as shaking hands, hugging or kissing, should be avoided at all times. Do not share clothes, towels, soap or any other personal items. Face masks should be worn at all times except during the sporting activity itself.
* Precautions for vulnerable people: vulnerable and high-risk groups, including people aged 60 years and above, and people with chronic illnesses should be discouraged from attending the activities for their own safety.
* Only individual sporting activities: contact sports that require physical contact between players are prohibited, for example football matches. Only individual sporting activities are allowed, such as jogging/running, swimming, and cycling.
* Open outdoor sporting activities: all activations during National Sport Day are prohibited. All sporting activities must be conducted entirely in outdoor settings and individually and indoor activities are entirely prohibited.
* Safe distance: a safe distance of at least 3m must be strictly maintained at all times during a sports activity.
* 4 passengers only in a vehicle: in case the use of vehicles is required to reach the locations of different activities, the number of passengers should not exceed four persons in each vehicle, including the driver.
The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) said in a series of posts on social media that individuals, particularly those at higher risk of Covid-19 complications, should exercise at home or outdoors. "Practise social distancing for your safety."
The Covid-19 pandemic might "make you feel stressed and anxious", the MoPH said. "Regular physical activity can help you reduce these negative feelings and release your happy hormones (endorphins).
"Be physically active by walking fast along with family members, in the house or around your garden."
Dr Yousuf al-Maslamani, medical director of Hamad General Hospital, said people should strictly follow the Covid-19 measures, including maintaining a safe physical distance from others - especially those not known to them, wearing facemasks and washing hands regularly, among others.
He also stressed the importance of practising sports for the wellbeing of people and their overall health.
Speaking to Qatar TV on Sunday, Dr al-Maslamani said being physically active makes people feel more vital and happy because such activities can help release endorphins. In addition, practising sports improve both physical and psychiatric health and those who practise sports regularly often have fewer chronic disease and live longer.
He added that the frequent practice of sports, around five times a week for 30 minutes each time, positively impacts the lives of people in different ways.
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