MoTC highlights importance of Qatar Census 2020
January 27 2021 09:21 PM
Qatar Census 2020

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) has stressed that the Qatar Census 2020 project, implemented by the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA), is one of the prominent national projects aimed at enhancing development plans and programmes, including those of the ministry.
In statement, the MoTC said the census uses mechanisms that determine and evaluate the availability of basic services for households, population, housing and establishments of various classifications, as well as identifying and prioritising the areas in need of these services to look after them.
On the occasion of the implementation of the last field phase of Qatar Census 2020, Nour Ibrahim Shahdad, director of the Public Relations and Communications Department at the MoTC, explained that the ministry’s plans and projects for the development of the transport, communications and information technology sector require accurate statistics and data on population, housing and
establishments. This will "undoubtedly be provided by Qatar Census 2020", implemented by the PSA in keeping with a Cabinet resolution in this regard.
"The ministry seeks to provide a safe, efficient and environment-friendly transport system and an advanced communication system that keep pace with the rapid and advanced technology. Here comes the influential and main role of the census aimed at creating a high-quality central data register that meets the needs of sustainable development in accordance with a methodology that supports data quality," Shahdad added.
She further indicated that the MoTC, through its ambitious programmes and initiatives, seeks to stimulate economic development and encourage entrepreneurship, as well as contribute to creating a physically and digitally connected society.
Hence, the census gains "great importance", as its results are used in developing the implementation plans for such initiatives and
programs in order to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030.
She added, "The census is a national achievement and a strategic value that contributes to formulating sound policies and decisions on which comprehensive development plans are based, aiming to build the country and improve the citizens' economic level based on accurate real life data."
She also pointed out that the census is an important statistical process conducted by all countries around the world, where the primary beneficiary is the society with all its members and segments. Therefore, co-operation with the field research team by giving them accurate and proper information will have positive results for decision-makers, which will in turn positively affect both citizens and residents.
Shahdad concluded that "the data collected contributes to formulating economic and development policies and programmes so that all
social dimensions and demographic characteristics are taken into consideration, and the results of the census are deployed to better serve the citizens and reach a clear equation for the distribution of resources, and thus not taking random and ill-informed decisions".

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