Badiea Al Nasser, Safira Al Dohul are champion stallion and mare
January 25 2021 10:55 PM
Badiea Al Nasser
Al Jumail Stud’s Badiea Al Nasser emerged as the Senior Stallions champion in the 23rd Qatar National Arabian Horse Show at Longines Indoor Arena at Al Shaqab yesterday. PICTURES: Juhaim

By Sports Reporter/Doha

Al Jumail Stud’s Badiea Al Nasser and Al Nawasi Stud’s Safira Al Dohul were adjudged the Champion Stallion and Mare respectively on the final day of the 23rd Qatar National Arabian Horse Show at Longines Indoor Arena in Al Shaqab yesterday.
Badiea Al Nasser, bronze winner in the junior colts championship in the 22nd edition of the show, had won Class 12 A for four-six-year-old stallions earlier in the day. In the championship round, the bay horse was on the cards of three judges for the win, and edged out Al Majidah Farm’s Luigi, winner of Class 12 B for four-six-year-old stallions, for gold. Nasser Mohamed Mesfer al-Hajri’s Gazwan Al Nasser, topper of Class 14 for 11+-year-old stallions, took bronze.
Safira Al Dohul and Al Nasser Stud’s Salsabil Al Nasser had finished top two in Class 10 for 7-10-year-old mares with 93 and 92.63 points respectively on Sunday. That 0.37 point gap proved the difference between gold and silver after both the mares earned 12 points from the judges in the championship round. Class 11 runner up Piacenza, owned by Al Shahania Stud, had eight points for her bronze win.
Al Reeh Stud’s Amir Al Reeh was adjudged the colts champion unanimously after all six judges marked the bay son of Fadi Al Shaqab as the gold winner. Lamy Al Shaqab, owned by Al Shaqab Member of Qatar Foundation, edged out Al Khor Stud’s Halul Al Khor courtesy a better score in his class victory on Sunday. The two colts were locked at 8 points in the championship round, and a 0.25 advantage for Lamy Al Shaqab (91.25) in Class 7B for two-year-old colts over Halul Al Khor (91) proved to be the difference.
Al Jassimiya Farm’s Emarella was the championship topper among the junior fillies. The winner of Class 4A for two-year-old fillies impressed five out of six judges enough for them to mark her for gold. Al Jassim Stud’s Alma Al Jassim bagged silver, while RK Najd Shazin, runner-up in Class 5 for 3yo fillies, took bronze.
In the first of the championship rounds yesterday, Ebrahim bin Yusuf al-Romaihi’s IS Shereen won gold among the yearling fillies after three judges carded the daughter of Gazwan Al Nasser, bronze winner among the stallions, as their topper. Al Nasser Stud’s Sheihana Al Nasser and Al Rayyan Farm’s Hind Al Rayyan won silver and bronze respectively.
Class 6B topper Wadee Aljassimya, owned by Aljassimya Farm, featured in the cards of all five judges, with four of them marking the grey colt for top honours, in the Yearling Colts Championship. Hader Al Shaqab, owned by Al Shaqab Member of Qatar Foundation, and Al Sraiya Stud’s Gazwan Al Sraiya finished second and third respectively.
Earlier in the day, Al Athba Stud’s Lammah Al Naif won Class 13 for 7-10yo Stallions with a 91.50 point haul as against 91.13 points for Aldana Stud’s FA Starlight.

Yearling Fillies Championship
1. IS Shereen. Owner: Ebrahim bin Yusuf al-Romaihi.
2. Sheihana Al Nasser. Owner: Al Nasser Stud.
3. Hind Al Rayyan. Owner: Al Rayyan Farm.

Yearling Colts Championship
1. Wadee Aljassimya. Owner: Aljassimya Farm.
2. Hader Al Shaqab. Owner: Al Shaqab Member of Qatar Foundation.
3. Gazwan Al Sraiya. Owner: Al Sraiya Stud.

Junior Fillies Championship
1. Emarella. Owner: Al Jassimiya Farm.
2. Alma Al Jassim. Owner: Al Jassim Stud.
3. RK Najd Shazin. Owner: Al Shaqab Member of Qatar Foundation

Junior Colts Championship
1. Amir Al Reeh. Owner: Al Reeh Stud.
2. Lamy Al Shaqab. Owner: Al Shaqab Member of Qatar Foundation
3. Halul Al Khor. Owner: Al Khor Stud.

Senior Mares Championship
1. Safira Al Dohul. Owner: Al Nawasi Stud.
2. Salsabil Al Nasser. Owner: Al Nasser Stud.
3. Piacenza. Owner: Al Shahania Stud.

Senior Stallions Championship
1. Badiea Al Nasser. Owner: Al Jumail Stud.
2. Luigi. Owner: Al Majidah Farm.
3. Gazwan Al Nasser. Owner: Nasser Mohamed Mesfer al-Hajri.

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