Qatar University’s College of Pharmacy (QU-CPH) has formally announced the addition of two new specialty (elective) courses, 'Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine’ and ‘Industrial and Regulatory Pharmacy’, starting this Spring 2021 semester for pharmacy students.

The Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine course will prepare students for the field of genomics and the medical, social, ethical and legal issues associated with the availability of personal genomic information. The Industrial and Regulatory Pharmacy course will prepare students to apply knowledge in the manufacturing and quality control testing of dosage formulations and drug products according to internationally recognised standards, QU has said in a statement.

QU-CPH dean Dr Mohamed Diab said, “Both courses align with the College's vision for advancing healthcare in Qatar and the world through excellence and innovation in pharmacy education, research and service. We are happy to introduce two new elective courses to our curriculum. These courses will widen the scope for our students to expand their knowledge in different disciplinary areas and allow them to strengthen their skills and explore their interests further. Both courses will be a great addition to our curriculum.”

QU-CPH section head of Clinical Education Dr Hazem Elewa, who is one of the course co-ordinators for Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine, said: “Pharmacogenomics and precision medicine will shape the future of the medical field and especially pharmacy. With the advancement in the DNA sequencing technology and its reduced cost, genetic information will be an integral part of patients’ medical records. Pharmacists should be equipped with the right tools to interpret such information and use it among other healthcare providers to enhance medication safety and efficacy.”

Dr Ahmed Awaisu, QU-CPH department head of Clinical Pharmacy and Practice and one of the course co-ordinators for Industrial and Regulatory Pharmacy course, added: “The development and launch of the Industrial and Regulatory Pharmacy course is indeed timely, especially at a time when Qatar is well-prepared to increase drugs manufacturing capacity by local pharmaceutical industries and follows best practices in terms of regulations related to drugs procurement, supply, and distribution.

"The new course is a great opportunity for increasing collaboration and building ties between the College of Pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry as well as regulatory agencies in the country. Undoubtedly it will increase opportunities for research and development as well as strengthening networking between the academia and the industry.”

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